Pillars of Eternity


I am so happy! :)


Bring it on! I really got into the combat on my last attempt at the game and it made the game soooo much more enjoyable once I finally understood the ruleset. I do hope they reduce the party size a bit though.


The full Road to Eternity documentary that was previously available to backers or people that ponied up a buck to Vimeo is now free for everyone.


Quick question for any experts. I can’t find an answer with Google. Some skills/spells when you hoover over them, the tooltip list two accuracy numbers. Like the wizard’s Fetid Caress spell or rogue’s Blinding Strike say something like accuracy of 41, 37. In testing it is always based on the first, higher number, whether it’s AoE, a distance target, etc. So what is the 37 for? Thanks.


I think the first accuracy is for paralyze and the second for sickened status effect.


Thanks, that’s what I thought, but it is using the 41 for both effects. It really doesn’t matter, just curious.


If you right click for details and get the full spell page, does that clear anything up?


Nope, the spell page only says that both effects use accuracy +10. I was playing around last night and tried the spell on different enemies, allies, etc, it used the 41 in every case.

Blinding Strike is the same way, shows 2 numbers, but uses the first number in every case. In a Google search someone mentioned a Ranger skill with 2 accuracy numbers as well, but no one answered why.

Starting to think its just a bug that was probably introduced in one of the last patches.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have this annoying urge to know how all game mechanics work, and I when I can’t figure it out I get annoyed.


Were you testing this in single target or aoe scenario? With FC you can poison targets in area around the primary target, maybe check the combat log if the accuracy formula takes 38 instead of 41 for those.


Both target and AoE. I would hit a target that has both another monster next to it, as well as my tank, in the AoE area. The target and the 2 AoE hits all use the 41 whether it was paralyzed or sickness effect.I thought maybe the 38 was for the extended area of the AoE, but non of the other AoE spells with extended areas have 2 accuracy numbers.

Edit: Just looking at my weapon accuracy for that character, it is 28. So the +10 accuracy for the spell would be 38, the same as the second number listed. That other +3 to make it 41 is coming from somewhere, but I can’t figure it out (and all other spells for that character list the accuracy as 41). I think its a bug where it is showing the base accuracy as well in the tooltip.

My main character has one spell where accuracy is needed, and it is the same as weapon accuracy, with the +10 for spell accuracy, and again another +3 on top of that. So both characters are getting +3 accuracy on all skills/spells from somewhere, and maybe some rare spells/skills are showing the base still as the second number?

I know none of this matters and I am over thinking it, but now I am obsessed with figuring this out.


Did you check the rolls in the combat log? If I’m not mistaken there’s a full accuracy breakdown there.


I have, but I didn’t see a an accuracy breakdown there. I will check again, thanks.


I think you have to hover over the attacks or something like that. Wish I could tell you exactly where to look but I very rarely use the combat log in PoE.


Hover or click or something, yeah. It should give you all the modifiers to the roll.


I recently started playing PoE again and happened to look up spell accuracy. It does not use any of the accuracy on your weapon (or weapon focus), but instead you gain an additional 1 spell accuracy per level. Which suggests your level is 3 higher than the weapon accuracy bonus.

Not sure about the second number though. It seems like the level bonus isn’t being added in to accuracy of secondary AOE effects. Possibly a tooltip bug?

So if I had to guess, you have a level 3 Wizard with 20 base accuracy, +6 base from levels, +2 perception, +0 weapon accuracy, +3 spell accuracy from levels?


Ahh thank you, that makes sense!

As far as the tooltip with the two accuracy values, I think you are right and have accepted it’s just a bug. You can see the numbers in the log so I can see how far off I am on when attacking, that’s what matters. When I make level 4 I expect to see the difference in the tooltip.

Found another bug this morning (again, a minor one) wisp-o-willows were benefiting from my paladin’s Zealous Focus. Nothing else seems to be though.

I am enjoying the game quite a bit, even though I am no where near as far this play through as I made it last time. I feel much more comfortable with combat after playing Tyranny. That has helped a lot. Of course I still only have 3 people to control currently.


Just got Pillars plus the expansions off GoG. Having a good time but slightly confused by damage reduction:
Characters have a generic DR stat, but then also some specific DR stats for certain damage types.

If armor has a DR of 12, and then a corrosive DR of 6, does that mean all other damages will work off the DR of 12?


Yep, your armor is DR of 12 against everything except corrosive attacks, which it is weak against.

Have to say I am loving this game. I am over 100 hours now (guess I am slow) and thoroughly enjoying it. I used to hate the combat, but now it’s kind of fun. Still frustrating at times, but when it works, it feels like I accomplished something.


Thanks for clearing that up :)

I just got to Defiance Bay so I likely have a lot more of the game ahead of me but I’m enjoying it a lot so far. Still finding it so strange that we cannot increase character attributes (might, intelligence, etc) when leveling up but otherwise liking the system they’ve put together more or less.


The PoE 2 campaign made me fire up another PoE game. I’m now over 160 hours spent with it, will probably crack 180 before I’m done.