Pillars of Eternity

This is part of the reason why swashbuckler was by far my favourite pick for PC in BG2 :)

Dual or multi fighter/thief is the jam.

Swashbuckler is old and busted. No backstab, no sale!

Also abusing traps (resting without leaving the zone so you can stack them crazy high) is cheating, ya hosers.

That is my favorite way to play BG. Well, mage/thief maybe. Although with the rechargable wands you really don’t need magic after awhile.

I assume the items in PoE with limited charges are not rechargable.

Well, Thaos is a gonner. Beat him on the first attempt. A much easier fight than the boss at the bottom of Old Nua.

I did enjoy the game, despite what I would consider some weaknesses.

The final boss was a joke when I got to the end. Easiest final boss ever.

Yeah, I thought this as well. I didn’t like the final location either. It was a ridiculous large structure with no real purpose. It’s like the devs needed something that screamed EPIC RPGEE BOSS BATTLE and they couldn’t think of anything else.

I agree, the whole final area was a letdown.

The game really wasn’t about tough fights. I don’t think after about 50% of the way thru I had to restart a fight except maybe twice. Once when I rushed the Drakes in a certain area and many many times to the boss in the Old Nua quest. Every fight was pretty easy.

The adra dragon was a pain in the ass but I was able to cheese it somewhat by skirting around it to take out the supporting xaurips and delemgans. The alpine dragon took me a bunch of tries to get that one down due to the small size of the cave and the number of supporting bad guys. I think the hardest battle in the entire game was Magran’s Faithful bounty. That shit drove me crazy even when I bumped the difficulty down the normal. I managed to finish it only by cheesing it via kiting some of the group with my ranger’s pet while I went to down those who stayed behind. Most humiliating of all are the videos on YouTube of people soloing Magran’s Faithful on Path of the Damned difficulty.


I am going to settle in today and probably for quite a bit longer in an attempt to actually get into this.

As none of you except Scott Lufkin know, I feel as though I am terrible at real time with pause combat. If I have to, I am willing to mod the game to make it super easy so I can just watch my party play. I do really want to experience the lore/etc etc.

If anyone can point out any mods/cheats (besides the God console command, that seems like it might be Going Too Far), or knows of a fantastic way that I can just unpause a battle and watch my party beat some faces in, please feel free to share. I’ve been poking around for super easy fighting without human intervention but it appears nothing quite reaches that level.

A lot of people say to just set the game to Story mode and it plays itself, but other people say it does not. I would quite like that, gotta be honest. Is it true? Is it not true?

The more cheese the better, but I’d like to keep the ability to get achievements if possible because I’m kind of an asshole jerk when it comes to Pillars.

When it comes time to move on to PoE 2, I know that has a turn-based mode and will have no issues with that, I love turn-based.

Bring me your cheese if you have any, please.

Story mode was pretty low-intervention for me once they introduced AI scripts. I have definitely heard people struggle with even that, so I guess you might also look up build guides if you feel the need.

I know @stusser played with unlimited rests. That might get you where you want to be.

He wants the combats to autoresolve, and combining story mode with unlimited resting and AI scripts telling every character to use every ability every fight ought to take care of that!

Does the game just straight up have an unlimited resting option?

It’s been awhile, but I think I had to get a mod from the Nexus for it.

Thanks man, I’ll have a look around.

Hopefully the unlimited camping supplies mod is what I was looking for.

That’ll do it.

Just for any future lazy PoE players like me, the unlimited camping supplies mod doesn’t work on Story mode, because it’s already easy as hell.

Yea, that should help. I know I just bought the camping supplies whenever I saw them.