Pillars of Eternity


The patches are excellent. They really fixed up a lot of QoL and balance stuff. I’m overall super-impressed with the job Obsidian has done post-release with PoE.


Yeah, it’s really impressive. It’s not a huge surprise given how much the game grew and matured during the final months in beta, but it’s really great they didn’t just rest on their laurels and start churning out meaningless content.

I really like the way the UI looks now, something about the font is cleaner and tighter, so more information can be shown at a glance. Compare a character sheet from when the game first launched (my first character) to one from a party I rolled up for the 3.0 beta patch, for example:

Note right off that everything fits on a single line, and how they moved skills to reside just below attributes. I really like the color coded defense symbols, too, and the breakdowns you get when you click on just about anything, which they did a decent job with before but is much cleaner and easier to follow now, I think.

Those colored defense-type symbols serve a nice purpose, making the tool tips a bit more useful “at a glance”, too.

The spells and many other items are now wide - this also allows the information to be conveyed a bit more cleanly, and I really like that they cleared up the “base” stat information. I loved it, but it made the spells and abilities a little muddy. Plus, you can still click on the blue info (like damage or range) to get the breakdown of how much is modified by stats and such, and you can still click on purple to get details on rules/mechanics (I just realized these colors might be off; while not color blind myself, I really like the blue selection circles more than the green ones so I have colorblind mode enabled, this may be spilling into the color coding of the linkables in the UI).

Even items have been cleaned up, compare my beloved Azureith’s Stiletto from my first play through to when I just ran into it this last weekend. New artwork even!

Just a ton of little improvements here and there, it’s getting so polished you can see yourself in it.


“A bloo bloo, my name is Scott and I have fancy screenshots to back up my arguments. A bloo, bloo, bloo.”

I stand by my statement: “Shit is better. Hook up the season pass, absolutely.”



Ok, got the season pass. Looking forward to downloading a few GB tomorrow, weeee!


Launch Trailer looks like it just dropped. Lookin’ good!


My game is updating on steam.


That’s probably the 3.0 update.


The White March Part 2 isn’t even listed on Steam yet. Gonna have to wait until that happens.


From the Obsidian forums:

That’s… er, right now.


Well, I just purchased The White March II, so they DID screw up!


Store Page is up.

It sounds like it should be out now, some folks may be getting it now after exiting/restarting Steam, but I can’t verify as I’m at the office. :)


It’s out on GOG (that’s where I bought it).


Installed and working here! Yay!


…And now, I’ll wait for the inevitable patch.


The patch came out earlier in the day.


Yeah, I’m talking about the inevitable patch that comes out after any big addition to any game.


Yeah, the last major release had such big blunders that I (along with pretty much everyone else) just shaked my head in disbelief. Stats were increasing or decreasing on their own, some weapon procs didn’t work, passives didn’t work, etc. Their bug tracker at the time read like a horror story.


Ah, gotcha. Probably not a bad plan. Not me though, I’m diving in a little tonight and probably going to have it wrapped over the weekend (or sooner). I did play for about 30 minutes at lunch and everything seemed to be working wonderfully, but I did notice some of the fonts in some dialog looked like a different font size than other dialog options. Kind of strange. I was REALLY happy to see all my party members no longer had a “Spelltongue” buff (which ONLY should have been applied to my Rogue, who has said weapon equipped) - so that bug was fixed at some point, which is great.


Oh, I will be diving in too. I’m still trying to decide on a class to play, I really want to try a rogue but they don’t get any real benefit from INT and I want to roleplay an intelligence and perception focused character.


I’m really loving my Druid - who benefits greatly from both INT and PER. You could also just make sure you have a Rogue in your party so you still get the fun of playing with one (I adore my Rogue).