Pillars of Eternity


How does druid benefit from PER? Are you playing a shapeshifter?

I’m currently watching nerdcommando’s 3.0 update videos and he’s making a strong case for Cipher so I might try that.


I’m pretty sure EVERYONE benefits from PER, because your accuracy is rolled for everything from landing an attack with a mace to landing a fireball spell. But also yeah, Bear form. :)


Time for my second playthrough. Having a hell of a time figuring out my party, though. I know I’m gonna take the DLC characters of barbarian, thief, and monk since they’re new, and I mostly ignored the wizard, druid, and ranger in the base game. My last PC was a wizard so I’d prefer a fightery type this time around, might make a straight up fighter and take the druid and ranger. Hm. No cleric will kinda suck but with the new survival healing things it might work out ok.


Couple bug reports have already shown up on steam forums. One’s related to the dying monk and his missive and a couple people with saves from previous versions reported being stuck in permanent combat mode in some locations.

I’ll wait until tomorrow, scan the forums again and then decide if it’s worth playing right away.


I started over–again–to try a playthrough with all the bits and pieces now. Started a Fire Godlike Dwarven Barbarian. Seems legit.


I put about 5 hours in last night, the only bug I ran into was a slight graphical bug with the area to the left of one of my characters (where the active effect icons go) turned white. Saving and loading the game fixed it though.

Man, there is a lot of content here. I haven’t even touched the main quest yet (other than to start it with a small event) and instead have run some of the new bounties, done some of the new side quests/tasks, and generally just explored a few of the new areas (which led to yet more stuff to explore!) and leveled up to 15. Some crazy abilities at level 15!

Couldn’t be happier so far, anyone know about how much content the actual expansion is supposed to boast? I just finished the last side-quest (that I found) so I’m heading into where I think the actual “meat” of the tale starts.


I started this when it was first released and put it aside for other games after only about 4 hours. Should I just restart with a new character at this point if I pick it back up again?


My advice is to start a new game, honestly.


Yeah, I started a new game with a Cipher this time. Should be fun!


Thanks folks, I will do so.


I started over because I had forgotten pretty much everything from my earlier attempts, and hand zero invested in them. So far, it seems they’ve made a lot of nice improvements.


I just got a 65 inch tv after a decade of an old 42 inch DLP tv. I fired up Pillars of Eternity last night on my Steam Link and grabbed a recommended Steam Controller config for the game. It looks great now at that size. Before it wasn’t really playable due to the graphics, but the UI changes, combined with the much larger screen, is a welcome upgrade. I’m looking forward to breaking out a bunch of my old isometric crpg’s that I couldn’t play via Steam Link before. Wasteland, Divine Divinity enhanced edition, etc…


The game does seem improved, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve come to terms with PoE’s shortcomings (Skipping 90% of dialog this time around, for example), if it’s improvements from the White March 1 and 2 patches, or some combination of the both but I had a pretty good time last night. Knocked out Raedric’s keep and the temple of Eothas and all the surrounding wilderness zones. Playing on hard difficulty with “Expert” enabled is a smidge closer to an Infinity Engine game, too. Playing on normal may have hurt the game for me in my first play.

One thing that was fantastic the first time around and remains so this time, setting it for half-speed combat and 1.5 speed out of combat movement. Went through BG1 again after playing PoE the first time to see if it was just rose colored glasses when I felt it was better, and that was one thing I sorely sorely missed.


What made you appreciate hard difficulty more than normal? From what I recall they’re exactly the same, hard just replaces some regular units in packs with stronger versions (and adds some extra mobs to packs?). From what I’ve seen on various forums people recommend against playing on hard for this very reason, Normal or PotD are the recommended difficulties. Mobs don’t get any stat bonuses until you hit PtoD.


Playing on Hard is fun, the enemy composition being harder makes for some interesting tactical changes over Normal, pushes you use consumables and other options you don’t really need to (usually) on Normal, but doesn’t feel “cheaty” in the favor of the game (by adjusting the enemies stats). Just why I play on Hard, at any rate. I’ve never come across anyone warning someone off playing Hard, now I think of it.


I much prefer increased pack size/stronger variations over simple percentage buffs to mobs (which seems like the lazy way of increasing difficulty.) Besides, fighting off a swarm led by an “Emperor Rat” (or some other) feels heroic; getting whupped by a couple of abnormally hard hitting “frail rats” does not.


Yeah, exactly same reasoning as Scott and Soondifferent for me. Part of what disappointed me my first time through PoE was how easy every encounter was except 2 or 3 (Adra dragon, Raedric’s keep final fight the first time you get to it, and IIRC some big ogre clusterfuck which I don’t remember well other than it being annoying). On hard-expert it’s not like every single encounter is a struggle, but I’ve had a few fights I had to reload and be more generous with the spell and ability uses (Captain of the guard fight in Raedric’s keep actually caught me with my pants down). It also limits your camping supplies to 2 and thus discourages rest spamming which I normally try to avoid doing anyway.

It also amplifies one of the aspects of PoE that annoys me, which is in their attempt to have better enemy AI they’ll make a mad dash for casters/squishy backliners a bit more, and even with two fighters in the front and one of the fighters being able to “Engage” 4 targets at once, you still usually end up with enemies just walking past and beating up your wizard. Infinity Engine AI is dumber but you can somewhat more reliably hold enemies back from your squishy party members.

And another minor annoyance (Specifically with expert this time) is you can more easily eyeball AoE spells in Infinity Engine since they’re always static, but AoEs are determined by stats in PoE. So once you start to get a handle on blind-firing burning hands you put a +2 INT hat on your wizard and/or one of those “Rings of overwatch” or whatever and then burn the hell out of Eder next encounter. Overall still liking expert better but that is one thing that’s been a smidge annoying. Can also avoid it myself by not giving area-boosting stuff to damage dealing casters.


Yeah, I don’t know what the beef against Hard is. I prefer it - PotD is a little too neckbeardily frustrating with the obnoxious defenses everything has, and Normal is definitely too easy.


Bonus AOE from INT only adds Foe AOE - won’t ever burninate friendlies by putting on a fresh new hat.


Oh? In that case I’m just being sloppy then, thought it added to both.