Pillars of Eternity


Nope! That’s what the two different-colored cutouts for spell targeting are for.


So is Hard difficulty more difficult now than at release? I played on Hard then and found the mid / end game pretty easy except for a handful of fights.


They re-tooled the 3rd act and everything past that to have an option (when you get that far) to have higher level encounters, so the end-game should be more challenging if one were to do a lot of side-quests, bounties, and the like to hit high levels these days. I haven’t been able to check it out myself, but I have a party rolled up to play around with that after I beat the second expansion.


It’s not terribly harder in my playthrough up through Raedric’s Keep, no. Then again I know a lot more about the game now than I did in my first playthrough.

And yeah, inverse difficulty curve in POE for sure. Mostly I just can’t be arsed to drag asses through that GOD DAMNED TEMPLE on PotD.


I don’t think I hit max level on my play through at release.

It’s been so long since I played, I’m guessing I’ll start a new game to play the White March content. I always have a hard time jumping into a game after I’ve been away for a while. I also have a hard time replaying content so I’m at a bit of a loss.


I remembered that part, but with expert enabled you don’t get spell targeting guides any more and just have to throw them and hope for the best.

I’m finding PoE replays fairly well given the “Fast mode” you can toggle out of combat and being able to largely skip through dialog. Relatively little down time running through the same areas. Been reading new dialog as it shows up (Been taking the opposite path on as many quests as I can) but for the most part it’s just a lot of fast clicking.


Sheesh, I feel inadequate. You guys saying it was so easy for you…hell, I get my ass handed to me fighting small groups of no-name critters, and have to rest so often the stock in camping supplies has gone through the roof.


I’m really starting to warm up to guns. I read a good tip on Obsidian forums that suggested grabbing The Disappointer (requires 2 mechanics I think) from the very first map and replacing the Terrible enchant with Accurate as soon as you can. I was able to do it in the first village and the damage on my Cipher is monstrous for this level - 40+ hits all the time.


You can replace enchantments? That would have been good to know!

Guns are awesome. Having a huge alpha strike makes a lot of things a lot easier.


To be honest I’m not sure how it works. Maybe you can only overwrite existing enchants but not the ones you add yourself?


Heh. If I were God-King of Pillars I’d nuke the whole dumb crafting system, but they promised it to backers, so…yeah.


I’ve no idea how you could overwrite any enchantments, I was poking at it just this morning and the existing one’s don’t seem clickable. Maybe it only works with that specific “Disappointer” rifle, which might be worth testing.

I finished up the White March and additional 3.0 content (there is a continuation to the big 2.5 update quest that leads to the definitive “hardest fight” in the game, whoo-boy) and I just adored the second part of the White March and it’s ultimate conclusion. I really like the next content, from spells and abilities to the new soul bound weapons (and armor!) though the process of unlocking soul bound items (some of them, at least) continues to be my least favorite mechanic. It’s not terrible, just kind of annoying for about a quarter of the items. They tend to be really powerful, so I suppose it makes sense.

I may well keep going with my third party just because I feel like I want to keep playing!


I only dabbled with Pillars up to now because I forced myself to hold off for both expansions, but now it’s time!!!
Going to start fresh with a monk and blow away most of my weekend lol.


I completed the original release and haven’t touched it since. I’m not big on replaying games so I ask; is there enough new content with the expansions for a second full run? Did they ever make your mansion more interesting? Is loot still generic?


Yes, expansions add quite a lot of new content and they’re integrated into the main campaign so whole game feels much beefier as a result. I haven’t dabbled with the improved stronghold yet but that was one of the key features of the second part of the expansion so I assume it’s much better now. Most of the loot is still somewhat generic but soulbound weapons add some much needed spice. They’re a lot like some of the more unique items from the BG series.


Playing the opening with a cipher and a druid and I’m having a hard time picking which one I’m going to play this time. :)


Maybe this could help you decide? :) I don’t know if he has a druid video up yet but if it’s not it should be soon.


Damage dealing monk guide, perfect just what I needed to get started.
Thanks for the link.


I’m loving the berserker NPC, that jump skill is awesome for getting at enemy spellcasters lingering in the back of big fights.


Took me quite a while to get in to the white march stuff, turns out it’s gated behind a story beat I had been avoiding since I thought it was just level-gated. Got in to it at level 6 and I’m level 7 or 8 now. White march seems to be of the same quality as the best moments of PoE, so that’s pretty good for an expansion thus far. Only found the monk and the barbarian so far, was a little bit weird since I hadn’t tried either of those classes before but now I’m getting the hang of using them. Monks are absolutely insane, he can single handedly fire off more single target damage than the rest of my party combined when he’s loaded on wounds.

Overall enjoying playing PoE again. Not sure if I’ll be shangaied by the upcoming Tales of Maj’eyal expansion on Tuesday or not, and I absolutely will be carried off if I haven’t beaten the white march/PoE itself again by the time the big Battle Brothers update hits on the 29th, but I’m actually feeling a lot more positive toward PoE now than I did when I first played it.