Pillars of Eternity


I’m in the same boat. This is the main reason why I’d like to see hotbars make an appearance, that way I could just slot my preferred spells and forget that others exist. It feels pretty silly if you pick up Hiravias around level 6 or 7 without having played a druid before. Suddenly you’re looking at a list of like 20 or 25 spells on a single class. Priests have exactly the same problem, wizards are at least limited by their grimoire slots. Other classes are more or less fine (although there’s literally nothing that will ever convince me to have a chanter in my party, that’s how much I dislike their mechanics) but it’s a bit hard to gauge the usefulness of various +5 accuracy or DR talents on your first pass through the game. It’s a nice system with lots of depth but I’d prefer something that’s a little more intuitive rather than a ruleset that requires memorizing a 50 page rulebook first.

A more robust AI system (something like Dragon Age: Origins had) with if/then system would also be very welcome.


Someday I’m going to get someone to fund and/or help me build my dream tactical RPG that has a whole scripting system that is the primary way you interact with the game.

Frozen Synapse but with fantasy battles, is what I’m saying. It’s gonna be awesome.


Oh god this. I played through on normal recently with both the expansions and enjoyed it, but I doubt I will ever go back. If they added the above I would crank it up to Path of the Damned and start out again with a custom made party tomorrow.


After leveling up some I was able to go back and beat the first boss battle in White Match Part 1 pretty easily. It’s amazing the difference a 2-3 levels can make.


These are both excellent criticisms. They should consolidate buffs/debuffs, consolidate resists, and ensure that every ability is distinct both in functionality and cosmetics.


I’ve completed The White March Part I and just started Part II, but I don’t know how motivated I am to continue. I still have the same complaints.

Combat turns into a blob. It’s hard to see who’s who and what’s going on. The main difference is that in my first game I had 2 fighters, both with their engagement ability maxed. This probably helped keep enemies contained.

Also, I wish combat speed could be turned even slower. Too much is happening at once and I don’t want to pause every second. The log fills with lines of info so quickly too.

The difficulty is also erratic on hard. It varies between being really easy (select all guys and attack an enemy), to pretty darn hard - keep pausing, micro everything, unload spells and abilities.


If [I]every[/I] combat was rock-hard, it would get very tedious very fast. That’s the “path of the damned” difficulty. I like how PoE plays now that it has AI, although I must admit the AI is fairly poor compared to what we had in the Baldur’s Gate games. I’d like to see that improved also, and include support for user-created AI like BG too.


I’m happy I never picked this one up, for that I thank all those who participated in the discussion of the game in this thread.


Poe is not perfect, but sometimes nostalgia colors people’s memories of older games like the Baldur’s series. PoE is a lot of fun, has some decent writing and companion NPCs, is often beautiful with certain areas/maps really showing some loving attention applied by the artists that drew them, and has combat that offers up a lot of options in how you approach it. A friend came over once while I was playing BG1 and thought the constant pausing and issuing of so many individual commands seemed like more work than fun, but for me it felt like I was being given more control. Throw a D&D fighter into a big brawl and what exactly were your options again? What were your leveling up choices for a lot of those old classes?


And Concelhaut is dead. Went back after finishing up Part II and he died on the first try. Cheesed the fight a little. Youtube videos from months ago show his minions being pulled out of the room a few at a time, but that no longer works (attack one and they all come). So I hit one with a spell, threw up wall of draining across the doorway, had my tanks parked to block it so the fight wouldn’t get out of hand, and rained spells down on them as they got congested up in the doorway. Dick lich took out on of my party with his hammer spell, but went down fast when all the others dogpiled on him.

Alpine Dragon is next. All secondary weapons have +25% beast damage modifiers now.


I’m currently playing BG 1 on the BG2 engine. It’s tons of fun, and I love that level of control. I am worried about BG2, when I start needing to use dozens on cure light wound spells, and all mage those 1st level spells become a bit of a chore. Still, I’m glad I have NPClevel1 mod, so that I can refine the characters a bit more to my liking.


I don’t understand how mods work for you guys. Whenever I use mods they feel like cheat codes and I quickly lose interest, probably because I’m not beating the “original” game anymore.


Most mods simply add features or fix issues. They’re hardly cheat codes, for the most part.


What about mods they make the game harder, no easier.


Sure, I guess I just never tried them, but if we talk XCom2 for a second, most ppl called for mods to remove the annoyances, imbalances if you will. If I install one of those, even if it makes sense, it still takes something away for me.

I see it all the time in multiplayer games, such as MOBAS. People rush to play something because it’s broken so they win easily. I’m exactly the opposite. I want to beat that guy with an underpowered champion, if nothing else, just for the fuck you.

Big difference between multi and single player games I guess, but not really to me. They design a challenge, you beat it. I want to beat the challenge as designed, no matter how unfair.


What about the Long War mod, the most popular one in Xcom? I think it made the gamer harder?

And in Fallout 3/NV some of the most popular mods that remodel the gameplay made it harder, with more emphasis on realism/difficulty/survival.


I beat those games vanilla. For some reason I take pride in that.


Alpine dragon is dead. Next up is the arda dragon, plus some remaining bounties I never got around to doing.


I ended up finishing the White March Part 2 content and decided I’d had enough. I got a taste of some higher level skills (I think I’m at level 12). I already uninstalled so it is completely impossible to go back :-)


Crap, ranger bounty dropped the best bow I’ve ever seen. Considering my main is a ranger, pretty sweet drop. Unfortunately there’s precious little content left to use it on.