Pillars of Eternity


Remember: You can play a 4 party build ala Icewind dale – less character – more crush.


Hit 9th and Citzal’s Spirit Lance is amazing. It’s impressive how much more powerful this build is compared to your traditional spell-slinging wizard.


That Battlemage build seems really sweet. Though I really wanted to see some videos of it in action kicking butt. Someday I’m going to get back to this game, and when I do, that build will be in my party.


In preparation for imminent fatherhood I thought I’d try and polish off PoE so that I could scratch it off my ‘to finish’ list. Turns out at some point in the last year my save games mysteriously disappeared… I don’t think I have the mental strength to plough through the first act (or two - I forget where I got to) again. Which is a shame because I really enjoyed it, right up to the second major settlement which seemed to lose focus, and I guess that’s why I haven’t been back to it in a long time. One more game on my ‘never finished’ list!


So I’ve settled around with this little this weekend. How much do you guys obsess over/plan your companions builds? I’m interested in their storylines so I don’t want to dump them for generic NPCs.

Did I read above that you can respec your companions now at the inn? I did see some older threads on another board about how terrible the companion builds and talents were. So I guess respecting would fix that. I saw that option at the inn but I never clicked it.

I’m still very early in the game of course, but that battle mage linked above has been awesome so far.


As I recall, as the patches/expansions have changed what stats do what to what abilities, the companions stat arrays didn’t always “keep up,” so they’d wind up with 18s in stuff they literally had no use for. It was kinda maddening.

I think I may just restart my playthrough and go all-in with both expos now, tbh. Gonna have to figure out what the current-era “Super Conversationalist” build is that benefits most from max scores in Perception, Intellect, and Resolve so that I can click ALL the buttons in conversation :)


Tank paladin maybe? That’s what I played a while ago and I was able to resolve (hue) pretty much every convo stat check. I also learned that I didn’t like resolve stat checks at all for that particular character - I was trying to roleplay a calm and logical dude but resolve checks were all kinda brash and forceful.


Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking. Mind, I’ll be dumping CON, so not a very GOOD tank. . . but at least I get more religious conversation options.


The guide I was looking at back then also dumped CON to some degree - down to 10 I think? Maybe even lower. Paladin’s strong point is mitigation and with resolve + auras + passives you’ll have a lot of it. I’d definitely keep INT high though - 15-16 at least, the rest you can cover with food or item buffs. Having your auras cover both lines (front and back) is huge.

Overall, I think a tank paladin might actually be the best choice because it’s just so damn nice to have two tanks in the first place (PC+Eder). The problem is that companions you get aren’t that great at dealing damage so there’s that.


Pallegina’s stats aren’t ideal, but she’s been a perfectly good off tank and general support character for my Rogue playthrough.


Finally starting this game. Quick question. What class do you feel would be the most fun? I’m not sure if I mind duplicating classes I can pick up on the way, but having a guy be unique would be nice. Also, I don’t like leaving locked stuff behind, so if there is no thief and one can’t be picked up as a companion then I might need to go that route, though I’d prefer something flashier. I love spell effects so if there’s a big class of spells you can’t pick up from companions I might go that route. If he could hold his own in melee or do range via bow that would be even better.

Also what difficulty level is recommended?



For first run I’d recommend normal. It’s the same as hard but has a few enemies less which is a huge plus because the combat can be somewhat chaotic, especially when you’re new to the game.

As for lockpicking - all you need is someone in your party with high mechanics skill (here I’d recommend you turn off auto leveling of companions so you can distribute their talents yourself).

When it comes to classes I’m partial to Ciphers - in fact I started a fresh run recently and built a really great cipher. The main draw for me is having access to all my spells in every fight and since Ciphers use focus to cast spells and you generate focus by dealing damage you can cast a lot, unlike wizards, druids and priests who are limited with the amount of spells they can cast per rest (and later on per encounter). I went with a Blunderbuss (and later a war bow) as my weapon of choice because it’s amazing for generating focus at the start of the fight. But if you want you can build a melee cipher as well, both work really well.

Let me know if the class interests you and I’ll write the talents and spells I took.


I played through on hard, and it really wasn’t that hard except for a handful of places. That said, it can become a slog because battles can become quite crowded. The story and the skill-based conversation system is quite good. It’s nice to have more than 1 character who can hold the front lines. I went with whatever the fighter class is. NPCs can round out the group.


I’ve recently gone back to the game to dig into the White March expansion. Just finished Part 1 the other night. They’ve done an impressive amount of iteration since release to make skills more valuable, updating abilities and just fleshing out some of the systems that felt rather bare at release.

As for class recommendations, lots of them can be fun. Maybe pick a caster of some kind if you want your character specifically to have lots to do each battle. I went with Paladin in my main game, but that was mostly an homage to the character I played through all of the Baldur’s Gate trilogy with. The first companions you come across are a fighter, priest and wizard so you might want to counter pick those. You don’t get access to a monk, thief or barbarian story companions until the expansion, so consider that as well.


Scroll up to my Sept 8th post and click on that Youtube link for a warrior-wizard build that turned out to be the most fun I had with the game.


Do you want to fight things? Then most of the difficulties are viable, mostly affecting how many enemies and of what type you encounter. If not, then go story mode, which is the only difficulty that actually reduces the stats of the monsters you do encounter. Personally I don’t think the combat is very good so I’d recommend story mode.


Wow a lot of great options. Awesome thanks!
@malkav11 is the combat at least on par with Baldur’s Gate?


At the least.


I liked the combat in BG2 much more. But it’s hard to say if that’s difference in design, my greater familiarity with 2e AD&D versus Pillars’ brand new system, or me just losing my patience in the intervening years.


This is kinda how I feel, for some of the same reasons. My memories of BG1 & BG2 combat are more positive, but it could be rose tinted glasses or that I have changed.