Pillars of Eternity


For all the idiocies of AD&D (and by extension BG) combat, it let you be creative and abusive and interesting. In my view, Obsidian made a much more balanced and tactically sound system that isn’t quite as much fun at the end of the day.

For example, BG2 throws just absurd shit at you and is like “welp, deal with it!” There’s nothing quite like the Illithid caverns in Pillars, where all of a sudden Minsc literally can’t survive in melee for more than a round or two, so uh give him a bow and figure it out! In Pillars, that sort of thing is more “well, this set of enemies likes to target Will defense, so let’s buff up on that for this dungeon.”

It’s objectively better designed in a lot of ways, but it loses something in the same way that modern 4Xes lose something in moving away from the zanier, more overpowered bits of the old Simtex games.

There’s a definite modern design trend in doing absolutely everything you can to not let the player gather enough rope to hang themselves with, whereas a game like BG2 gives you the rope, but it also gives you the tools to build a ladder to get back down. An often janky and rickety ladder, but a ladder nonetheless.


I completely agree.
I have moved forward with my pillars party, and the expansions are really good and frankly - the second expansion may be the best. However …

These Dragon fights/boss fights that occur sometimes – I like the idea – but wow --is that not a huge difficulty ramp? On one hand I am doing well with my party trudging through etc etc --then I get a dragon or something --and bam – wipe wipe wipe. It is annoying a bit.

I love some difficulty but gosh – give me some warning please, ty.

That said I love BG combat too – I even started a recent BG1 enchanced character for the heck of it.


Came back to BG2 after PoE and it’s not rose tinted glasses, combat is not just different between the two, but better in BG. My main complaint is still the lack of progression in weapons/items and uniqueness behind them in PoE. Though I haven’t taken a crack at White March yet, heard there are improvements within it in terms of items.


Yeah well there is no doubt that the items/etc are better designed in BG2 – that is for sure. I am considering a fresh BG playthrough with that new middle section. Combat was difficult in BG2 - but wow – these adds with these dragons don’t even really make sense in POE.


The dragons and the lich(es?) are 100% optional fights that you do get a fair amount of warning before and are pretty much there for people who like the combat and want a steep challenge for bragging rights. They’re also complete bullshit that you apparently have to pretty much cheese to beat, from what I’ve read. (And they’re not affected by most difficulty settings at all since they’re fixed spawns and the difficulties don’t alter stats.) They are admittedly why I stopped playing because even though I absolutely don’t have to fight them to win I am a completionist. And I just can’t hack those fights and keep resisting turning down to story mode. Which is not Obsidian’s fault, really.


I bought the enhanced editions of BG 1 and 2 a while back but I haven’t loaded them up. I should really play them and see if the magic is still there for me. If I remember right it just seemed like there were more options and that maybe it was more important to use the right skills / spells / abilities at the right time. Even on hard in PoE it didn’t seem to matter what skills I was using as long as I was doing something - except for a handful of battles, like mentioned above.


I forget what I did against the dragon, but I definitely had to cheese the fight to win. I may of had to lure him with one guy and inflict damage with the rest. It took many tries and I came close to giving up. I think I essentially had to cheese it just right and get lucky.


After interrupting my walkthrough twice, I finally managed to finish this on normal and without the expansions. Great game, but I can’t imagine playing something with a similar combat system, like Tyranny, anytime soon.

Interestingly, it took me 60 hours to complete, which is rather similar to the 66 hours it took me to finish Wasteland 2 (vanilla, not director’s cut) and the 62 hours for Divine Divinity (vanilla, in co-op). In all three cases, I think I would’ve preferred a shorter and more condensed experience. In terms of the combat mechanics, I liked Divinity best!

I found understanding PoE’s mechanics quite hard. It’s very difficult to compare weapons or armor, for instance. Due to the suppression mechanic, selecting and distributing equipment among party members becomes an absolute nightmare that I really hated (seriously, what were they thinking!?). I still have no clue how relevant the interrupt stats are and whether concentration is all that important. There are way too many status effects. Tons (too many!?) spells as well, which must be a nightmare to balance. I have a good grasp on priest and druid (that relentless storm, boy, what a game changer!), but I don’t think I’ve even tried half of the wizard, canter or cipher spells. By the time the grieving mother joined my party, I really didn’t feel like learning yet another spell based class. That being said, there were two fights that really made me learn the game: the Ogre druids in the Endless Paths and, finally, the blasting Adra dragon. If it wasn’t for these two fights, I would’ve breezed right through without an indepth engagement with the game’s rules. Sometimes, I really miss the games of old which were often unforgiving, unbalanced and really punishing for the player but so rewarding at the same time. There is nothing quite so thrilling as to finally outsmart the game. Real frustration definitely helps in creating a real sense of accomplishment as well.

So let’s talk about the Adra dragon, my beloved nemesis. I met him with a full lvl 12 party, feeling quite good about myself. Two hours later, after countless wipes, I realized that I would not be able to able to beat him without a lot of preparation. So I spent a few hours doing just that, came back, and defeated him right on my first attempt. Such a sweet feeling! :-) Here is how I did it (PoE 3.06): I equipped weapons and spells that focused on slashing, frost damage and raw damage, where the dragon’s DR is weakest. I enchanted my armors and added beast slaying to my weapons. All party members with a revive ability received armor with the second wind ability, which lets you get up after the first knockout. I crafted health potions and revive scrolls. I respecced all my party members to have the talent beast slayer, the deflection talent and a lot of shield talents, especially for the casters who hardly use auto attacks. I chose +3 perception as resting bonus (for higher accuracy) and beast slaying as camp fire bonus. At the start of the fight, Durance cast prayer against fear and my chanter also had a chant against fear (first phrase) and for higher deflection (second phrase). I used a lot of summons to deal with the dragon’s other minions. I also tried paralyzing the dragon, but that only worked for one brief intervall. I did not use that dragon specific debuff you can get from the dragon slayer, so no idea how useful that one would have been. Thus prepared, the fight went down like a breeze. So nice! :-)

I’m really glad I finished the game, because the ending felt quite epic to me. It also served nicely to wrap up the story. On several occasions during my playthrough, I didn’t fully grasp what was going on (Saint’s war, godhammer, animancy and all that), but it definitely did click for me towards the end. The thoughts on religion are perhaps not all that novel, but it’s definitely a more nuanced treatment than I would’ve expected from a video game. The watcher itself, as a character, didn’t really grab me that much and I couldn’t really identify with his identity crisis and struggle.

I also got the impression that Obsidian really improved the Stronghold experience. Defending my title with a real battle and having all these visitors with requests felt awesome! Really nice of them to patch all this stuff in.

All in all, great fun! :-)


Project Louisiana

What? A Mystary? Speculation? Dreaming? Imagining? This is the place to test assumptions, gossip joyfully and speculate playfully about whatever Project Louisiana might be …[/quote]


Definitely POE2. That quote and symbol has Eder written all over it.


That’s what I assume, which is why I put it in this thread.

I do dearly love the person that suggested it might be a Fallout 4: New Orleans though. I wish!


I am so happy! :)


Bring it on! I really got into the combat on my last attempt at the game and it made the game soooo much more enjoyable once I finally understood the ruleset. I do hope they reduce the party size a bit though.


The full Road to Eternity documentary that was previously available to backers or people that ponied up a buck to Vimeo is now free for everyone.


Quick question for any experts. I can’t find an answer with Google. Some skills/spells when you hoover over them, the tooltip list two accuracy numbers. Like the wizard’s Fetid Caress spell or rogue’s Blinding Strike say something like accuracy of 41, 37. In testing it is always based on the first, higher number, whether it’s AoE, a distance target, etc. So what is the 37 for? Thanks.


I think the first accuracy is for paralyze and the second for sickened status effect.


Thanks, that’s what I thought, but it is using the 41 for both effects. It really doesn’t matter, just curious.


If you right click for details and get the full spell page, does that clear anything up?


Nope, the spell page only says that both effects use accuracy +10. I was playing around last night and tried the spell on different enemies, allies, etc, it used the 41 in every case.

Blinding Strike is the same way, shows 2 numbers, but uses the first number in every case. In a Google search someone mentioned a Ranger skill with 2 accuracy numbers as well, but no one answered why.

Starting to think its just a bug that was probably introduced in one of the last patches.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have this annoying urge to know how all game mechanics work, and I when I can’t figure it out I get annoyed.


Were you testing this in single target or aoe scenario? With FC you can poison targets in area around the primary target, maybe check the combat log if the accuracy formula takes 38 instead of 41 for those.