Pillars of Eternity

Yes, The White March is the best.

I’ve been playing this the last couple days - a little too soon to give much in the way of impressions, but I did want to point out that I’m really impressed with how they adapted the controls from m+k to controller. I’m playing on Xbox, and I figured there would be some difficulty or it would be a nightmarish, arthritis-inducing ordeal trying to make all the (no doubt) hotkeyed commands map to a controller. But it’s really not, I’m having no difficulties managing the party, combat, inventory, everything. So far, at least, I’m pretty early and I guess it the bottom could just drop out due to some added feature I haven’t seen yet. But so far, so good.

Yeah, I’m really glad that PC games have been so well adapted to consoles.

This goes back to Diablo 3 which I thought would never work without M/K. Of course, those types of action RPGs are perhaps easier to do with controllers than turn-based, so I was skeptical when Divinity Original Sin came out on Xbox, but that worked out well, too.

I played some of the Infinity Engine games on a tablet, along with Titan Quest, and the experience wasn’t as good, but still pretty enjoyable.

I really need to get back to this game at some point. Didn’t get too far. Seems kind of slow. I’m debating skipping it to play the sequel which I’ve read is better.

I just started Pillars 2 the other day and realized I didn’t post a follow up to my completion of the first game. I really enjoyed playing, though I did end up dropping the difficulty because fumbling with real-time with pause controls and micromanaging my party got difficult on some of the trickier combat encounters. But that aside, I really enjoyed the game and found the whole experience very satisfying. I really loved all the characters I encountered and their varying back stories and what they brought to the party and to the story. I loved the new game world and its backing story of the missing souls and how all these gods fit into place. I would definitely rate Pillars highly on my CRPG list.

Me too…I enjoyed the first game a lot even though Im not a big fan of rtwp.
Bought Deadfire on the last GoG sale recently just to try the turn-based play and having a great time with it, looks great and the voice acting so far has been really good as well…

I always play these games with all pause options checked. It’s slow but it’s the closest to turn-based I can make it.

Yeah thats how I played the first the first Pillars game…

The Avowed trailer made me look at Pillars of Eternity again and when I did I was surprised to see on Steam they have updated it to that new patch. I only ever played each once and I kind of want to play them again.

If anyone else does I looked at the patch and stuff and if you never liked the blurry graphics there is a reshade mod that will fix that with the new patch. I reduced the Sharpening Strength to .620 and it makes things look much cleaner.