Pimp My Firefox

So after looking through literally the entire Firefox plugin set, I figure I might as well write up what I found and let everyone freeload on it. Anything cool I’m missing?

[li]Bookmark All Bookmarks all open tabs into a new folder.
[/li][li]Bookmarks Synchronizer Hey, a bookmarks sync that actually works! Upload to any webserver you have an account on (that will let you enable WebDav/HTTP Put).
[/li][li]Syncmarks I use this as the last ditch backup for my bookmarks. The only part that really works is “export bookmarks to flat HTML”, which is handy.

[li]Adblock No more ads.
[/li][li]Adblock Filterset.G Updater Not only no more ads, someone else finds the ones to delete in the first place.
[/li][li]AniDisable Disables animated gifs.
[/li][li]Clone Window Changes default behavior for a new tab to clone the contents of the current tab.
[/li][li]FirefoxView IE plugin, actually - view the current page in firefox.
[/li][li]Flashblock Adds a button you have to click to start flash animations. Lets you view flash you want and block the ads you don’t without the hassle of ad filter adjustment.
[/li][li]Highlighter Yellow highlighting of any number of page sections, with offscreen go-to hotkeys. Extremely useful for reading long documents.
[/li][li]History Menu Adds a breakdown by day visited to the history menu.
[/li][li]IE View View the current page in IE, or set up to always view a site in IE.
[/li][li]Nuke Anything Enhanced Arbitrary DOM object deletion. Permanently wipe sections off pages you don’t want to be there (ads, useless clutter).
[/li][li]Passive Cache Right-click a link and open either archive.org’s selection of old copies or the last google cache.
[/li][li]PDF Download Adds pop-up prompt asking you if you want to view or download a PDF whenever one tries to load. Good for inline pdf links.
[/li][li]Permit Cookies I use this to block all cookies but a restricted set of sites I actually need them for. Hotkey & click to enable or disable cookies for the current site.
[/li][li]Resize Search Box Gets around the unresizable dipshit search box.
[/li][li]Sage Best RSS reader I’ve found.
[/li][li]Session Saver Crash-proof and accidental close-proof firefox; you’ll always come back up with what you were last viewing.
[/li][li]Sort Bookmarks Top-level menu addition to recursively sort all your bookmarks.
[/li][li]Sort Extensions Sort the contents of the extensions menu.
[/li][li]Tabbrowser Preferences Bunch of miscellaneous tweaks that improve tab usability.
[/li][li]Unread Tabs Makes unread tabs display their title in italics. Useful when you have 30 open.

[li]DownThemAll Queued downloading, HTML page link extraction, and whatnot.
[/li][li]Download Manager Tweak Moves the useless download manager into a tab.
[/li][li]lget Download any url with one click.
[/li][li]Magpie / Tab Downloader Downloads the contents of all open tabs into a directory tree.

[li]Forecastfox Unobtrusive little status bar icon showing you the current weather, forecast for 1-5 days, and severe weather warnings. The radar popup is useless but a neat hack.
[/li][li]MapIt! Select an address in any page and one-click to a map or directions.

[li]Fangs Screen Reader Emulator Cheap and easy accessibility compliance testing.
[/li][li]Javascript Debugger Durr.
[/li][li]Right Encoding Change the character set encoding on the fly.
[/li][li]SwitchProxy Pre-defined proxy switcher.
[/li][li]Tamper Data Insanely useful HTTP tracer that lets you modify everything. Also supports SSL.
[/li][li]User Agent Switcher Context menu to impersonate any browser agent tag you want.
[/li][li]View Cookies Adds tab to page properties showing the current cookies for the page.
[/li][li]ViewSourceWith Open the source in a real editor, not Firefox’s crap one.
[/li][li]Web Developer Toolbar A grab-bag of miscellaneous HTML and scripting developer tools.

In return, I do have a couple questions that I can’t for the life of me find answers to.

[li]How can I auto-authenticate with saved passwords? It’s exasperating to have to hit “OK” every time I touch a windows authentication-secured website for the first time in a browser session. Ideally it’d be IE’s security zones, with some set to “just reuse the saved password for this site.”
[/li][li]Is there really a trash can functionality for bookmarks? I know when you delete a bookmark you can hit control-Z to undo it, but is it storing it somewhere I can look?

I recommend Aardvark (http://www.karmatics.com/aardvark/) as a DOM nuker. It has nifty features that make it easy to select a DOM object and then A) delete it B) crop everything outside of it C) randomly recolor its background D) more stuff I don’t remember

Great for reading news sites that don’t have a nice “printer-friendly” function.

I just installed

Adblock Filterset.G Updater Not only no more ads, someone else finds the ones to delete in the first place.

Flashblock Adds a button you have to click to start flash animations. Lets you view flash you want and block the ads you don’t without the hassle of ad filter adjustment.

And like omg thanks! They both rule.

I’d recomend:

Image-Zoom. Ads the ability to zoom in or out of any image within the browser. Can screw up the way a page dispalys though.

Foxy-tunes. Great little media controller that sits on the bottom of any browser window. Can be set to control almost any media player.

Session-Saver. Accidently quit Firefox? System crash? Next time you start up Firefox, it will be exactly as you left it, tabs loaded to the correct page, etc.
VERY handy.

Bugmenot plugin. Self explanatory.

Torrentbar. Search all the major torrent sites in a flash.

Dodge Specifications

How can you have a thread called “Pimp My Firefox” and not have a link to the Pimpzilla theme?

I found that TabMix is very good Tabbed browser extension, and prefer it over Tabbed Browser Preferences.

Removed FavoritesSync, as it’s a piece of shit. Do not use!

Firefox 1.5RC1 has pretty nifty built-in tabbing, I wouldn’t bother with an extension.

Don’t install too many plugins. I made that mistake (50+) and I found I got pointer errors like crazy, and that Firefox would randomly decide to start on a blank page without any bookmarks, it would crash sometimes, etc, etc. There’s just too much room for a plugin having crash capability and the more plugins you get the higher your risk.

I also recommend using Greasemonkey scripts as much as possible, its far more lightweight (+javascript wont crash your firefox… right?? :) then installing a dedicated plugin for that task.

Anybody find a good spell checker yet fot 1.5+? The only thing I’m waiting for is a good ‘SpellBound’ type-proggie for 1.5+.

Added Bookmarks Synchronizer - can’t believe I missed that before.

Bookmarks Synchronizer is cool, but I haven’t been able to get it to work reliably with the past few versions of Firefox (there are TONS of comments to that effect on the mozilla update page).

One of these days I’ll bust out an editor and see if I can’t fix it m’self :)