Pimp your Rig

I was thinking today that what’s the point of having all these games that I don’t use without being able to brag about my awesome collection.





What’s your gaming area like?

Well, most of my games are in big cardboard boxes, but my collection is listed here:


What, you keep games? That’s the one thing ebay is good for.

Fuck that. We get attached to our games for sentimental reasons.

Probably about 75% of my games. Many are loaned out (por ejemplo, GMicek has had my Civ4 since I bought it, that twat) but this is what’s next to the PC.


Here are the games I have out on my shelf.

Here’s my conventional TV and the consoles I play. I use old Creative 5.1 5200 speakers for the Gamecube, and my PC’s Logitech Z-5500’s for the PS2 via optical cable.

Here’s my PC. I have a Sonata II case, Dell 2005 FPW, Logitech Z-5500 speakers, a Razer Diamondback, and a Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard thing. Yes, I am ashamed of the cables, but the camera’s flash makes it seem worse than it is.

Shift 6 I didn’t know you did programming, and that’s a pretty cool collection of shooters on the bottom.

Moggraider, you have the original shadow hearts I am so envious!

Haha, it’s not that good. The biggest positive aspect of the game is that it makes SH:C a lot more meaningful if you’ve played both.

I started my last year of college, so I’ve got a new ridiculously self-indulgent setup. I have a desktop and a laptop (not pictured) in my room, connected to a TV, a 24" flatscreen, a 20" flatscreen, and a 5.1 Logitech speaker system (the two rear satellites usually get put on the unpictured bed behind me for true 5.1). I’ve also got a PS2, Gamecube, and 360 on the shelves above the computers, among other gadgetry. But of course, the biggest achievement of my room is using boxes as furniture.

If imageshack is giving you trouble, you can also go to:


Update to the setup thanks to the new gen of consoles! Yay! http://img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=im001563to5.jpg

Jesus. Xbox, ps3, wii, 24" LCD, 20" LCD, all in a college student’s room? I know I blew my money on games and stuff in college but that is above and beyond.

With all that money you’d think he could afford a real table for that TV on the left!

I should get a table, yeah, but I’d hate shipping it. I’m abandoning the TV when I graduate in a few months; it’s its second year and it only cost me $100 at the beginning, so… fair trade.

There’s a Gamecube on the floor and a PS2 behind the 24", hehe. I only use it for DDR and some RPG’s I have left.

And I’m a research assistant for a professor and for an educational firm, so I earn decently. Yes, I do spend too much, but it’s cool always having friends over to play.

Makes me wish I had a house and room enough to have more bookshelves in my computer room.

ahhh youths…I used to have such a shelf. It’s now reduced to 4 boxes lying next to an obsolete (even for Linux) computer, and 1 jacket for a box. The 4 boxes are (peeks over) Descent Freespace, Grim Fandango, Rise of Nations and Psychonauts. The 1 jacket is for Tempest 2000 PC.

Nothing wrong with quality over quantity. Still, threads like this make me kick myself for abandoning game boxes in favor of an oversized cd wallet.

Really? I hate those boxes. I get rid of them right away. I used to save them in a pile next to my PC, but my wife showed me the error of my ways. Now they all go away. I never throw games away though. I sometimes trade/sell them, but I never throw them away.

Sadly, I don’t have them all in a nice stack somewhere…they’re spread out. But Bob sold me about 200 PC games over the summer to go with my collection, so now I have too many games!

Priorities, Chris.

Why does displaying some games have to mean someone is a hopeless loser? You’re not even displaying that many games!

Yay, Sacrifice and NOLF.

Project Eden?