Pinball Arcade says goodbye to most of its good tables

Why would the licensors not renew? Feels like just to take something we all love? It’s not like they’re making these tables and putting them out there for us to play. Grrrr.

Digital recreations of pinball tables is a pretty niche product. They may have just decided that it wasn’t worth having their digital IP locked up for the dribble of money that was no doubt coming in from it.

Fair, but where else are they going to deploy their digital pinball IP, if not there?

Pinball Cinematic Universe.
Pinball Battle Royale

Yeah, good question. Maybe they have another plan, maybe they’re just looking for another plan. Maybe they got tired of Farsight not being the best steward of their licenses (my understanding is that TPA tables tended to be pretty buggy).

Anyway, it certainly highlights the danger of depending on licensors as your business model.

Dang that’s terrible!

I really wish they’d make their own tables. With realism in mind unlike PinballFX stuff. More fantasy tables like Earthquake would be awesome.

Me Gorgar. Me leave.

Should be underlined and bolded. Apple in particular has shown they could care less about gamers.

Gorgar is my favorite too. It’s such a simple table too, in terms of bells and whistles.

An all time favorite of mine. Probably not really a great table per se, but one I have a lot of nostalgia for, because I spent a lot of time playing it as a pre-teen. I also miss the more wide open style of electromechanical tables and early electronic tables like that versus what became a trend toward cramming as much as possible onto the play field.

I wonder if Pinball FX will pick up these licenses? I mean, where else could companies holding a bunch of Pinball IP turn to, to get paid for those licenses?

The cynical side of me wonders if this is just high stakes (or brinksmanship??) negotiations. It just makes too much sense for both parties to agree at some point unless there’s a new player out there that’s going to pump out a game quick. I’m sure TPA is arguing that the license isn’t worth as much since so many people have already purchased the games and maybe the license holder doesn’t see it that way. Still, maybe this is too cynical – people would be super pissed if they purchased a bunch of tables thinking that the license was going away only to have it renewed. TPA wouldn’t do that, would they?

I don’t know why that would be worth it to Zen.

It wouldn’t make sense. They’d have to develop all the tables from scratch. And while they can learn how to do proper bumper and ball physics, their current programming leaves a lot to be desired.

Moreover, how big is the potential market if you consider that a significant number of people who might have wanted those tables likely already have them?

Nah man, sell each table individually in the app store. Poach a couple devs, take all the profit. Maybe make a f2p version. Sell ads.

Or as someone mentioned above, pinball royale.

What’s the difference between Pro and non-Pro?

Ouch, $40 or $55 CAD per season pack.

Ability to adjust a couple more things, and basically a waste of money. In all my time playing I’ve never felt like I needed the pro options even once. Have to give credit to Farsight for not making us feel like we need it.

Interview with Farsight VP Bobby King about the Williams/Bally license termination.

Anyone who listened willing to summarize? I’m interested, but not sure I’m interested enough to put in 103 minutes.