Pinball FX 2


Well damn Analog, I finally beat that Walking Dead score, but not by much. I completed 4 missions on my first ball, but I just can’t complete that last one where I need to hit the bell tower 3 times after clearing the first 5 zombies. When I was on my 2nd ball I noticed a little light flashing on the upper left side of the table and it said Extra Ball. I directed my next shot over there and got it! I have no idea how to activate that Extra Ball light but I’m sure glad I noticed it was on, because I don’t think I would have beaten your score otherwise. Anything special happen if you complete the 5 missions?


The Force Awakens gets two tables. One for the Dark side and one for the Light.


I felt a disturbance in the Force. And in my wallet.


I hadn’t played Pinball FX on Steam in a long while, and it was fun to get back into it after all the high scores were reset (except for you, Shaman. What a terrible, terrible table). The highlight of my Pinball FX career to date was getting within 200K of Elbino/Homard on one table. I admit it, I choked. The pressure was too much!


Picked up the Deadpool table as it’s currently 53% off, presumably as a promo for the movie. While I would never regret buying any table, I have to say that the Deadpool table is…unpleasant. It’s immediately on the bottom tier of Pinball FX tables and might be the worst of the tie-in tables (although Archer, as a tie-in, is pretty bad–why don’t they just use the music from the opening theme?)


Yeah, not crazy about either table. I think the Deadpool table is a bit too deliberately wacky. I had a hard time trying to figure out if there was a real ruleset or if it was just noises and targets.

The Archer table seems too crowded on the right side due to the big car blocking most shots.


Posting that, as proof, I finally owned a top score on a table.

Now that I post it I am sure it is to be short lived.

Good run of missions, plus got 3 instances of multiballs, and an extra ball at the end (from a multiball great success).

It is my only #1, and it is because certain members of my friends list are not ranked on it ;)


Now I know what I am doing this weekend ;). Well done!


Good job Craig. It’s always fun grabbing that top spot!


Invite sent, challenge accepted.


Hey, wasn’t a challenge! The only reason I hold #1 (for now) is certain people like rob have not posted a score ;)

I’ve little doubt that an actually good player could beat my score within a few tries. Heck, the only reason I’m beating Kelan at the moment is I’m sure he hasn’t played this one much. There are maybe 3 tables where my score is better than his.

(but, hey, now I’ve got some turf to protect. I best get practicing :D)


Congrats, Craig! Taking the top spot is definitely a nice feeling.

Oh, and I know what table I’m (SaberSnail) playing next… ;)


OK, here’s my challenge for you guys. I’ve currently got the top score on my board for the following:
Portal: 88,366,403
Ms Splosion Man: 173,382,638
Secrets of the Deep: 45,944,400
Tesla: 8,709,350

Go take it away from me!


Hey, I don’t own that one Craig so I can’t try and beat your score!

AStott, Tesla always depresses me because it seems like I play for a long time, then all I have is 1,000,000 points.


Yeah, I agree. I never feel like I have any clue how to make anything happen. Not my favorite table.


I’m guessing very few people own the Family Guy and South Park tables since I’m still sitting on top of two of those.


Same deal I have with that one. I got 3-4 million on that one, and was having a crazy good run. Or so I thought. Was getting all sorts of bonus conditions, upgrading bumpers, and all that. It just seems that mission rewards are tuned low compared to scores for simply just hitting things for a long time.

As for your other scores? Lol, yeah. Don’t think I’ll be able to touch those.

Portal, maybe. I really like that table and understand it alright. Still you are way more than triple my best score ever on it (I think, hazy recollection of my actual score. Think it’s in the 20 millions, could be very wrong.)


Has this been discussed: “Relive the Terror of the ALIEN Universe in Aliens vs. Pinball”

Coming April 26th.


I’ve got over 300mil on both, but I play on XB1.


Feel free to add me on Steam: gladguy.

I’ve got a bunch of tables, and I’m top score on almost all of them. Looks like I need more friends to push me!