Pinball FX 2


Join this group and send invites to everyone:


Star Wars tables are on sale on steam through the 10th…


On PSN as well. Remember to buy them for Vita or PS3 if you want full cross buy.

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The Aliens table is awesome. It is a very rare occurrence when my Android tablet takes over for my PC, but I spent a good chunk of last night tapping on that.


New table coming soon:


Vagenda of manocide!!


Squirrel Girl or no sale.


I took a quick play of both tables this morning and I like what I saw so far. the Ms. Marvel table in particular seems insanely high scoring.


Yeah, neither of these tables is particularly good. Deadpool is way too busy IMO.


One of them has Squirrel Girl and her multi-ball is actually quite a hoot.


Hmm, I take back what I said about the Ms. Marvel table. It can be high scoring, but it’s also a very capricious table. It’s really easy for the ball to hit the outlanes and the various modes have incredibly short timers. Still a fun table, but damn it feels very random.


So I’m not entirely convinced that Fallout 4 or Skyrim completely work as RPG games, but I’m having a grand time trying to work it out. Doom needs a lot more play but I’m not as in love with the IP as the former two. I hear it is the best of the 3?

More importantly - these tables have rejuvenated my love for the game, since losing all my high scores on the Xbox 360 versions. i.e. None of your scores are safe chaps! Personal mission is now to revisit all the old favourites on PC and try to reclaim top 100 scores on the leaderboards.

Sleepysid, Charmtrap, Rob, El Homino and more - I’m coming for you!


Do I still have the top spot on a bunch of tables? I think I played early this year and set a bunch, but I haven’t looked since then. It may be time for a revisit soon :-)


All I know is that, not long after I took a few, you were quick to dethrone me ;)


Pinball FX 2 is a game that brings out my compulsion to compete. Some of those tables I had to play a long time to grab a top spot. I think there are some here that can beat my scores pretty handily when they put their mind to it.


Challenge accepted.


I’m so delighted to hear this. I took Civil War on Tuesday with 60m. Wolverine was MINE and will be again.

@Chappers - Not sure I have you listed? Add me (Steam: Kaylin ) if not, provided your scores aren’t in the billlions ridiculous :-)


I’ve not checked my standings lately it sounds like a good time to refresh some tables.


Can’t find you on steam, do you have a link to your profile?


Just join the Qt3 Pinball group and friend everyone you see…