Pinball FX 2


You can add me too if you want. I’m probably couldn’t to start playing this a bit to see if I can get any highscores again. (Pizzadddict on steam)


My main Pinball platform is, weirdly enough, the Vita. It seems the Vita leaderboards were decoupled from the PS3 leaderboards, which had previously been combined. Suddenly I’m at the top of all these high score lists and it’s kind of lonely. :(

I wish Zen would somehow host multiplatform leaderboards. I mean, seriously, we can drop a spaceship on a comet, but we can’t tally highscores from different sources???



The Vita works surprisingly well with the Pinball FX games. The sufficiently high res screen and near zero lag on the flipper response makes it feel good! Not sure how else to put that…

At any rate…high scores on Blade and Venom are now MINE again.

I couldn’t get into the flow and beat your 75M on X-Men Rob, but just give me a few more days :-p ( Side note: On the X-men table - Magneto sounds more like Gandalf than…Magneto)


Congrats! Whose were those scores? I have no idea which tables I was in the lead.


I think they may have been yours (?)

If only I could verify such a thing from my work desk with easily accessible online leaderboards by hardware format…which sadly seems impossible :-/


Looks like you took me over on Venom, and Rob on Blade:

I am still hanging in there on Sorcerer’s Lair, Boba Fett, and Fantastic Four for now. Oh, and Darth Vader too it appears :).


A lot of the tables (all of the tables?) are crossbuy as well, and they of course look great on the PS4. But I can’t stand the mushiness of the PS4 controller triggers for the flippers. I wish Zen would let us rebind the flipper keys to the d-pad and face buttons.



Doctor Strange was always my favourite table, I think I had close to 200 million before the reset. Just got 70 million for you guys to beat.


I’ve actually started playing pinball again on iOS. I love pinball, but don’t play much because of trying not to put too much stress on my hands. My new stand has let me play some, though.

The frustrating thing with Zen (FX2 equivalent on iOS) is that for some reason you can’t turn off the extra graphic flourishes like the flashes, like you can on other versions.


Maybe this could work?


Oh, it definitely works, but only at the global level. So now I’m playing Odin Sphere and the right trigger and circle button are swapped, while the left trigger and right on the dpad are swapped. Urk. I guess I could just change it every time I want to play pinball, but that’s nearly as much work as putting a disk in a drive. Who has the time???



Did you post that on their forums? They might actually listen and make that work. If they expected people do change it globally just for their one game, that would be quite lame. I agree the flippers with controller triggers are way too mushy.


I am digging the new Skyrim table now that I am starting to get the hang of it a bit. I sure burn up stamina fast in battles, but it could be because I am using a steel mace. I really need to figure out how to sell, though, as like normal Skyrim, I am full on inventory and can’t loot anything else!.

Just had a pretty good run and took over 1st on my friends list with 132,751,894. Got a new score for you to shoot for @wumpus


Make that 191M ;-)

When you “Travel” you hit towns and shops occasionally. With much menu tomfoolery with the flipper & launch buttons, you should be able to sell all your trash. Crafting is another problem it seems…

I’ve been trying to work out if the score scales with the questing. i.e. is it better to start a fresh game at lower levels or just continue the quest from where you left off? I don’t seem to be getting much higher rewards for the later quests, so suspect it doesn’t matter too much.


Hah! Well done!


With all this activity I fired it up and looked at the high scores. I think I still hold on to 8-10 of them on my friend list *** for now :-)

I played Portal and got into 3rd place on game 1 so I figured I should keep playing. Well I probably played 10 games after that without getting close to my score, but then I finally put it together and eeked out the high score for that table. I had forgotten how cranky I can get when I can’t make the shots I know I need to make!


Man I don’t know how to score a lot of points on the Han Solo table other than multiball. Once I lose that I know my ball is not worth much since I just can’t figure out how to rack up points.


Nooooo! My high score!



Argggggg! This game gets me so angry. I hate it when you get 90% of the high score on your first 2 balls and then fail to get the high score. This Han Solo table is driving me nuts. I came so close.


Who shot first you or Han Solo? : )