Pinball FX 2


what platform are all you playing on?


Caucasian please! PC


PC with 360 controller. Thinking about doing a test to see if there is any difference in score if I play with a keyboard vs. 360 controller though.

I also flipped my monitor on its side the other day and had my best game ever on the football table so in a very small sample size that seemed to make a difference.


PC with a controller


PC here with keyboard.


Awww darn. Wish it was all on PS4 or that scores traveled across platforms. I’d prolly be last place but ti’d give me more numbers to shoot for.


@Kaylin you’re killing me. I spent like 8 hours trying to beat homard’s score on Han Solo. I finally eeked it out and was soooo happy. Needless to say I was surprised when in the meantime you had already crushed the high score! I concede the table, victory is yours :-)

That was some mighty score you put up. I wish I had held the high score for at least a couple minutes :-)


Pinball FX2 was the primary reason I picked my current monitor, because it could rotate 180 degrees using the integrated stand. Playing in portrait mode is awesome and probably the only reason I can ever sniff the top ten on the leaderboards.


Thank you Rob. Didn’t mean to target this one in particular - it just seemed like relatively low hanging fruit at 36M (?) Boy was I wrong…this table is a nightmare to get things going. I only figured out how to use the magna-save after about an hour of playing.

I’ve been getting a massive case of the yips too when approaching some of the high scores. The onscreen notifications usually push me over the edge and I simply freak out and drain.


I heard him talking about the magna save being active and just figured it was some kind of kick back. Is it something different?


Thanks for the tips.

I did explore around in the inventory and was able to drop a few extra sets of iron armor so I can grab some more loot. I will sell a bunch off when I finally hit a shop.


I like playing pin ball but very bad at this game which I am certain I mentioned in this thread somewhere. : )

Does anyone find that when they are using a keyboard that you are pressing the keys too hard? I have been trying to just tap the keys gently but I keep pushing very hard and it is starting to hurt my fingers (the price of getting older I guess). I am thinking of trying to use my Steam Controller (I wanted to play this on the link in the living room).


My fingers start to hurt from squeezing the controller :-)


Getting back into this game sent me down the path of looking into building a virtual pinball cabinet. I really want to do it but it looks like at a minimum it would run $700-$1000. A little rich for my blood right now. On top of that I’m not the most handy person so building it might prove to be a challenge.

For now I guess I just rotate the monitor and call that good enough.


You can also trade Gold for Points too in a relatively balanced fashion.

Yeah, you have to press and HOLD the launch button if you see it starting to drain. That will expend some of the charges you’ve acquired, but it will pull the ball back up to a flipper lane in doing so.

I don’t think I’m gonna be able to touch your Wolverine score Rob…its too much!!! I…uh…did OK on X-Men this afternoon though…

I’m pushing through it but I completely empathise.


What are the more straight forward and clear tables to play? I like it when I can tell what I need to do just from the table display. I don’t like trying to memorize the table rules from the in game help. Any recommendations along that front? Thanks


As a general rule - the older tables seem to be the most straight forward imo. e.g. Pasha & Rome. I never liked Biolab that much :-/

Agree though, some of these later tables have way too much gameplay hidden behind 3 x 5 ramp lock sequences or forced mini games that are either too easy or just obnoxious. ( I’m looking at you Force Holicrons!)

The Marvel games seem to make more intuitive sense than the Star Wars games. i.e. Each hero represents a particular ramp/challenge as opposed to the Star Wars ones which seem to use set pieces or iconic objects from the movies. Not that this has affected your SW table scores in any way…they are mostly terrifying.

Having played a little more Doom, that is all good fun. It keeps the pace up and doesn’t try to hinder you with RPG menu gameplay.

I’ll probably splash out on the Aliens ones tomorrow to see how the voice actor handles Hudsons “Game Over man. Game Over!” cos there’s no way in hell they didn’t use that line.

Side note : Moon Knight and Avengers Ultron scores have now been…uh…updated.


You’ve got a lot of impressive scores there Kaylin. I’ve put in probably 3x the number of hours that you have. That’s why I always say I’m not that great at the game but I can be damn persistent in obsessively trying to beat a score :-)

I idle games a lot so I don’t know how many actual hours I have playing the game by my guess is that it is at least 130+ based on the reported Steam time.


I’ve been playing paranormal lately and find that it is pretty straight forward and yeah as Kaylin said the earlier games are pretty simple too. I highly recommend Pasha as it is probably one of my favorites.


I also find Portal to be relatively understandable. One of my favorites.

I also prefer the Star Wars tables to the Marvel ones by a large distance, but calling them simple would be a blatant lie.