Pinball FX 2


Now that Kaylin pointed out how the magna save worked I played Han Solo again and added 10 million to my score - still a ton short of Kaylin’s. I wonder if I’m missing some large scoring action the table has because I felt like I played a long time, but my score didn’t go up by as much as it seemed it should have based on that time. I even had gotten a 3 (or maybe more) multiball and got the super jackpot during it.


Steam has individual tables on sale, and bundles of tables. For those of us who have only a passing familiarity with the game (and a wish to jump in and try to compete for some scores), which would be good tables to get?


I like…
The Walking Dead
Plants vs Zombies
Earth Defense
Most of the Marvel Ones - but maybe not Ghost Rider, Moon Knight
Some of the Stars Wars Pinball Tables

There are others I haven’t played very much though


Great, you guys have me playing this again now. Don’t know how many high scores I’ll be taking on but it’s still a fantastic game to jump into for 30 minutes or so at a time to take a few shots at a table!

SadleyBradley, I’d also recommend most of the same tables that Rob listed, particularly the Star Wars packs. I really enjoy most of them.


We have probably discussed this before but do people use the nudge controls much? I only use it to jump my ball from 1 flipper to the other on occasion and that isn’t very often. Am I missing out by not using it more?


I rarely use it. Pretty much only to save the ball from draining and even then it is rare.


mwuhahahahahaha the Portal table is mine again.


Good thing I like that table and will be happy to try and get it back :-)


Good thing I like that table on it’s own because I will enjoy the time I spend failing to recapture it.


So we’re doing Portal yeah? £0.67 on the Steam Sale - yeah, fine. See you on the boards chaps.


Alright. I picked up the following:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Plants vs Zombies
Darth Vader/Return of the Jedi/X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
Avengers Chronicles

I’m Sadley on Steam if anyone needs another name to compete with, not that you’ll see me anywhere near a high score.


Oh don’t worry. I’ve held first place on a single table for just over 24 hours. I’m no threat to you ;)

Also: join the Qt3 pinball group. I notice you are not in there. Join up and send friend requests!


There is a nudge technique when the ball goes down an outerlane drain where by raising a flipper and nudging, it is possible for the ball to bounce onto the opposite resting flipper and bring it back into play. Called a Bang Back or Death Save. I do that move when I can because it isn’t possible to damage a virtual pinball table, and it is a move that feels good to pull off.

I don’t know what the consensus here is on Qt3 about that sort of maneuver.

I do use nudging mostly to switch from one flipper to the next, or to simply try and bump the ball away from draining down the side of the table if I remember, and have practiced the table enough to know the general behaviour of the ball.


That ain’t cheating :-) Some of the tables even encourage it with audio clips when pulled off successfully.
( I hope I’m not in the minority…eeeshk )


So that’s how all you dirty rotten cheaters get such high scores!*

*i kid, because I’m not nearly good enough to pull that off.


I always thought that manipulating a table without it tilting was part of the skill in real life; I would think that would be carried over to the digital format.


The trouble with the Death Save is that it is forbidden in real life Pinball tournaments (I believe). And seeing a video of someone doing it on Youtube recently, yeah it can’t be good for the table to bump it so hard.

Personally, for a virtual table, I wouldn’t consider it cheating. Like I said, no risk to anyone, and pulling it off feels great.


That’s 100% of what real pinball is. There are no high scores without the ‘almost tilt’ skill.


I’ve got a bunch of tables already. Which of the ones I don’t have (non-blue bar to left of name) are worth getting? I need at least a 50% discount before I’d bite.


I really like the South Park tables (but I like South Park).