Pinball FX 2


I thought 3 of the 4 tables in the Balls of Glory (Fox animated shows) pack were very playable with some interesting mechanics and systems. For whatever reason, I didn’t click with the Archer table.

Did not care for the Deadpool table, but then for .74 what do you want?


I sure have trouble with the balls draining down the side lanes in Portal. The kickback takes me too long to activate. Do I need to learn how to nudge effectively to deal with this? Other than that problem I like Portal a lot.


I’ve never been able to use the nudge successfully to bring the ball back into play.


Well damn it, I was within 10 million or so of Kaylin’s score on Portal with 2 balls left and I failed to beat it. That. Was. Frustrating.


You can do it Rob!! :-)

I think I’m done with Bobba Fett. The score is too high and I just don’t enjoy the table that much. May have to switch focus to your Wolverine score instead…

Happy New Year all!


I ended up beating your 120 million Portal score by getting 160 million, but I probably played that table for 8 -10 hours (or more)! Yes, yes, I get obsessed :-)

Then I won’t be surprised if I see that score fall soon. Good luck and have fun!


I think that is the only reason I keep that high score; it is too frustrating. Before the reset, I had one even higher… like 298 million or something.


I’ve been playing Paranormal a bit the last few days, only to improve my highscore. Amongst my friends, I’m the leader by a mile. And it reminded me of the conversation about nudging in pinball, and this table has one area that really benefits from nudging which is the reverse scoop where Nessie is. If by chance you miss the shot and hit the targets for the sewer monster video mode, you can actually bounce the ball back onto the flipper and have another go at shooting it down the right side of the scoop once more and through the spinny thing (no idea what it’s proper name is). It isn’t a tricky move, the main thing as with anything related to nudging I guess, is to work with the ball’s momentum.


I’ve managed to spread my Pinball FX tables between an Xbox 360, Steam, and PS4 but only have friends to compete against on the 360—I’d love some friend requests on Steam (manresa) and PSN (zovietfrance). I own pretty much everything on at least one system.

Is anyone also playing Pinball Arcade? Did they ever sort their leaderboards?


I just sent a friend request. Let me know if that wasn’t you!


Steam or PSN? I didn’t see either. :(




Got it, thanks—I also just scored 382,818,782 points on Marvel: Women of Power: Champions. PS4, unfortunately, so none of you will ever see it.


That sounds like an awesome score! I don’t think I have that table.


I’ve just added you on Steam as well (name is Josh - boring I know).


Make sure you join this group


It took a long time, but I made 372 million on Paranormal table. Towards the end, I could really feel my concentration going, and the final ball sunk simple from zoning out and seeing it go down the flipper and not even reacting. Lame.

Using the magnets on some of those multi-ball phenomena is a huge weakness of mine, just can not do it. Bit like Pasha in a way having to use those magnets to make the ball spin around. Bit annoying, but at the same time, I don’t think I’ll be playing that table again any time soon!


Can you change your view on the table to something closer to top down? I’m playing the portal table but it looks like I’m watching it from the end of the table like a short person who can’t see over the play field.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the change view button.


Alright, all the activity here got me to pick this up again, and to switch from mobile to PC to get some high-score competition going. Some of the scores you guys have seem nuts (and I wish I could bring over my 400 million on Sorcerer’s Lair from the Android version), but I managed to start by knocking off @robc04 and @wumpus from the tops of Excalibur and The Force Awakens, respectively. Pretty sure there’s a lot of room for improvement on both of those tables, but it’s hard to stay motivated without a score to chase.

Also friended @manresa and a few more people from the pinball steam group. If I missed you please go ahead and add me.


Nice score on Paranormal. Yeah once you achieve something massive like that, all desire to play it again can go out the window. Before they did the leaderboard reset I had 300 million in Pasha, which put me in the top 50 of the entire internet leaderboard. I was addicted to that table, then that happened and I knew I could do no better and lost all desire to play again. But I felt so satisfied with my achievement! After they reset it I did play again and make sure I was top of the QT3 crowd though ;)