Pinball FX 2


There’s always Tesla :p


You’re right, I suppose there is.

That’s good for #33 on the overall leaderboard. It’s another table that I don’t think I’ll be coming back to even if someone beats it, though. It’s easy to stay alive, but just activating the missions is harder than completing the missions on most other tables, and everything but the main missions gives a pittance of points.


Your move, @Thraeg .

In other news,

  1. I really, really love that table.
  2. My nerves are completely shot. I’m totally wrecked right now. Shaky as all shit.
  3. That took FOREVER.

please don’t make me play it again.

Last edit: 59 on the global leaderboards, hooray!


Damn, so much for playing for #2, eh? Very impressive, congrats. What was that, three midnights? I think that score is going to stand up, but I’ll take a crack or two at it later.



You guys are awesome!


Yep, 3. Last one had all the obsidian stones you can get, 13.


I’m actually not very good at pinball generally, my other scores are pretty middlin’, but this table just calls to me. I love it. Next time I play it I might play 45 minutes and then pause it for a lunch break though. I think this took me an hour and a half.

Oh no… ummm, pretend I didn’t post this. Um, there is this thing you need to do, remember that? Don’t forget.


Nah, you’re safe. I got a few more 500M runs and bumped my own high score up to 854M, but still didn’t get close to yours.


Incredible score, arrendek! And to think I used to be happy with my 119M, haha.

I probably shouldn’t bring it up, but you would probably like Boba Fett, @Thraeg. If you can hit some precise shots, you can really rack up some score in a hurry, and has a neat mechanic in completing the missions where you shoot the ball up in a ship that hovers in front of the flippers.

I used to have a top 30? score on that table before the score reset, and still never came close to pulling off progressing to the big missions. I have a feeling you could pull it off, though.


That is an amazing score, we all bow down to your pinball wizardry.


It’s a trap! ;-)

At least point him at a table I might enjoy competing on! Unless you enjoy your morale being shredded with “Missile is a DUD” flashing every 10 seconds. I’m only jealous. I just suck at that table.


@robc04 I was so close on portal to beating you. I don’t have the heart to play again for a while.



Yeah, it’s easy to get burned out on a table after a good run. I sometimes beat my head against a table for way longer than I should!


Yeah, I remember liking Boba Fett, other than getting annoyed with its tendency to have the upper flipper send the ball straight down the outlane with the slightest timing error. I think my score on the Android version capped out around 100M, but maybe I’ll pick it up again on PC and see if I can remember how to play. Probably more productive than trying to catch @arrendek on Sorcerer’s Lair, anyway.


Please don’t catch me… I need this, man. :P


So I played a few rounds of Portal, and found my groove for a bit. Managed to improve my score by 20 million (15 to 35), and move up 7 spots on the leaderboard.

I’m now 10th, and @robc04 has over 160 million.



Hey Craig, I only hold the high score by the grace of Thraeg and Kaylin. If either of them decides to make an effort to beat me, my score is toast :-)


Heh, I’m pretty sure there’s a grand total of one (1) table where my score is over 160M (granted, it’s several times over, but still…). Most of the top spots I’ve claimed in the last few weeks have been by targeting the tables where the current record looked reasonably attainable, and the last few days I’ve been repeatedly failing to get much over 100M in Boba Fett to catch Ahollib.

That said, I haven’t even tried Portal yet, but maybe it’s worth a look.


Erm, okay, make that a grand total of two (2) tables… ;)


See! :-)


Well if makes you feel better I just beat @Thraeg at the Portal table with a fraction under 183M. Don’t think I can play that table again for a while.