Pinball FX 2


Wow, that football table is really fun. I got a little over 500 mil on my second play of it! :D

I was more than halfway done with the third “game”, but goofed up at least 2 balls in a row. I had an extra ball or two, so I’m not sure what numbers they were. When the football match got harder for that third game, it actually made it a lot harder for me to make progress, I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t have as many multiballs or if it was just mental.


Is the football table available again?


Ummmm. was it not? I just played it, so I guess so?

I forgot to post a screenshot, which I guess is obligatory at this point?


It got pulled due to licensing issues. You can only play it if you bought it before it was pulled. I’d like them to put it back, because I want to buy it…


Oh man, I didn’t realize that. That sucks.

Looks like it happened in October 2016, so it’s a really recent development. And now they are working on a non-licensed version of the table so they can re-release.


Dang arrendek! I actually thought I had a shot at getting the high score on that table.

I really, really, dislike soccer, but that is one of my favorite tables to play.


It was a lot of fun. I’ll probably go back to it after I actually read a table guide and figure out what the heck I was supposed to be doing. I figured out some stuff but I still don’t know the obvious things, like, for instance, how to actually defend or put the ball in the “goal scoring area” in the top. I was just having so much fun I decided to keep going.


That’s a nice Portal score you got there. Would be a shame if anything…happened to it.


Nooooooooooo. Oh well, your score will remain, I don’t have the heart to play that table again.


How do you guys stop the ball from going down the outlanes in Portal? I lose the ball to those all the time! Are you guys adept at nudging the table when necessary?


I’m horrible at nudging and am rarely successful. I think I really tried to keep the thing that saves the ball activated as much as I could.


I do that for some other tables but there isn’t an easy way in Portal to keep kickback charged as far as I can tell. Other tables have lanes/orbits (not sure which it would be called or both) that reliably drop the ball in one of the inside lanes that light the kickback, but I think there’s maybe one in Portal?

But maybe I should figure out how to activate ball save though. It must be hard because I’ve rarely had it activated except after locking a ball or launch per usual


Make sure you always do the Sentry Turret mission first ( Number 5 I think ?) Two reasons for doing so:

  1. It immediately activates a ball save and throws in a second ball into the mix.

  2. The additional table activity from the second ball helps build up the kickback hits on both sides whilst the ballsave is active.

If no save is active and it looks like the ball is about to drain in an outer lane. Hit the nudge LEFT or RIGHT depending on the side. Up or Down nudge won’t save you :-/

I’ve found death saves on this table impossible and the majority of the points are safest gained in the multiball features.
The missions that rely on main table ramp sequences are hella dangerous and annoyingly drawn out.

Best of luck!


I start with mission 2 on the portal table as you can’t lose a ball completely as you are in a separate table and your progression gets saved if you complete a set of 5 targets. I’ve never used the nudge successfully to save a ball.


Thanks for all of the advice! I agree with you especially about the last part with the missions being way too hard and way too dangerous. I managed to complete 4 of the 6 missions but lost at least 2 balls directly during missions (I think I had 6 or 7 balls total).

Managed to take the lead, although it was a very long game:

Also, for most of the late game I managed to keep the kickbacks activated most of the time, but in the early game I saved at least twice using a well timed bump. I think throughout the whole game I probably saved 5 times that way. It’s almost necessary to get a high score I think. You can actually try a bump pretty early I found since the ball tends to come in really shallow and bank off of one of the other lanes before it finds its way to the outlanes, if you just jiggle it the right way when it starts heading in the wrong direction, that can be enough to kick it off and back to your paddles. Otherwise you have to time the bump perfectly for that moment when the ball hits the wall and hesitates for a second before draining… for that bump I don’t know that the bump left or right direction matters at all, it really doesn’t have anywhere to go but out.


Dude! That score is insane! Well done.

That must have a been a two hour game at least? Also, that’s a top 20 (?) world score isn’t it?

Totally your table :-)


Fantastic job, well done. Happy I will never have to play that table again.


Nice job on that score! Definitely out of my league.


Makes me #34, actually. Pretty sure you had to be somewhere north of a billion for top 20.

Thanks guys!


This statement is getting more farcical by the day: