Pinball FX 2


Classic bait and switch.


I never felt like I was good at pinball. I’m definitely getting better. I apologize for lying (retroactively), but if it helps, in spirit I still feel terrible at this stuff. There are a lot of tables I bounce right off of, but some definitely click.


Any idea what the lottery numbers will be for the next Powerball? It’s OK if you think you’re bad at lotteries ;)


I’m not approaching those mega-scores and generally cap out around a quarter-billion, but have had a reasonably productive few days, snagging the records on Boba Fett and Darth Vader from @ahollib, Blade from @Kaylin, and Infinity Gauntlet from @Elbino/Homard.


Awesome score there, @arrendek.

Looks like I have some work to do, @Thraeg. Those were my scores ya knocked out, heh. Been waiting for an excuse to go back to a few tables anyway.



LOL. I REALLY wished it worked that way. :P

@CraigM - I wish I knew what you meant by your picture. I’ve thought about “breaking through a wall”, “big monster”, and just a general representation of anger.

Re: Tesla:
How can a table be this bad?? Holy hell there’s nothing to love about it. I mean, Ghost Rider is probably worse, but still. Tesla makes you think you might want to play it and then, just, nothing.


Simple, I feel like one of those people watching a kaiju get ready to engage a Jaeger. It’s impressive to watch, in the ‘oh god, don’t look my way’ sense.


LOL, that’s really funny, actually. That’s definitely the way I felt when @Thraeg beat my Sorcerer’s Lair score the first time (I didn’t even post that I’d beat his to start with to avoid such a thing), but I guess it just ended up encouraging me along to do better. That still might be my favorite table, so that helps a lot. You know, liking a table. Portal is not my favorite but I started to come around on it after I learned how to keep the kickbacks lit better and turning off the music. If I could turn off GLaDOS I would totally do that. She’s funny when the material is fresh but hearing the same line (usually an insult even) repeated at you for the 100th time is really a buzz kill.

Right now I’m liking Mars, Dr. Strange, and Walking Dead a bit, so I’ll be trying to do something with those tables. I was digging on Pasha a while back (before Sorc Lair) despite it’s tendency to throw a ball straight down the middle at 50mph with practically no warning, but since I got the lead on it I’m thinking I’d rather leave it alone.


I sent out another group of friend requests on Steam to the QT3 Pinball since most of the original batch has been accepted.

I am Cornflakes on Steam, so if you see that request come by then please accept. If I haven’t friended you yet, then please send me a request. :) I’m in the QT3 Pinball group so I’m easy to find. If you aren’t in the group, please friend me anyways.

I hate the thought that I might not be seeing someone’s score on some of these tables. I was reading back into the thread today and there are some names in there that I don’t see on my leaderboard. :/ I think I’ve added them now.


150ish million on Mars, which was enough for 1st place, but it was mostly a disappointing finish. I am playing around with recording myself but I’m pretty sure no one wants to watch me play pinball so meh. I’m glad I got to play around with recording anyways since that’s a new skill for me.


I’ve been playing Sorcerer’s Lair an awful lot and tonight I finally broke through and got 174m…good for 4th on my list. Which I know is nothing compared to the pinball wizards round here, but that’s really damn good for me. I managed to get the table to go into a “Midnight mode” thing that scored like 30m points in one go. That was cool.

Turns out that practicing on a particular table really does help your score.


234M. Came just short of completing the last main mission.

Also pipped Elbino/Homard on Droids.


Good, I wanted to play that table again! :)


I can’t believe it, but this is a still a problem. I ran into it last night.


My second play on Ms. Splosion Man went really well! I was just going to warm up for Mars, but…


Nooooooo! My high score!

– AStott (SaberSnail)


Went ahead and barely eeked out a victory on World War Hulk too, just under 170M. only ahead of Elbino by like 2M points.


Completed the meta-goal I’ve been chipping away at for a while:


Oh you see that?

I am coming for you fuckers