Pinball FX 2


Hopefully someone will explicitly ask them if the leaderboards are cross-platform for FX3 at some point…


Come on, no one is going to want a Rome tournament.


That’s a shame. I never could get into Rome, and I thought a tournament would be a good excuse to finally do so.


If you give me some competition as motivation, I’ll play any table. And I have the Tesla high score to prove it.


Tesla is the worst. V12 is almost as bad. Insult to injury they’re super low scoring tables, so even if you play for an hour, you get like 15-30 million.


Yeah I was only kidding. I hate the Rome table but would totally play it if a tournament was started.


A table built around activating ball save over and over.

I hate Tesla, too.


Sounds like Pinball FX3 will be coming out September 26 based on this facebook posting by them.

Family Guy Pinball is rolling to Zen Studios Pinball FX3 on September 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam! Relive iconic gags and moments from Family Guy episodes as you compete in pinball tournaments, multiplayer matchups and leagues!


I wonder if the Family Guy Pinball machine will feature manitees putting random joke balls onto the board.


Assuming we don’t get cross-platform leaderboards, please everyone abandon your platform of choice and join me on PS4. Thanks, I appreciate it.


I think you misspelled PC.


PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to compete with Steam players, however PS4 and Xbox one aren’t cross platform with each other.


I see a Jaws table is coming out as well link below, looks great.



Sweet! Jaws the shark finally gets his due in pinball (outside of that conversion kit).


New Version is out! High scores are reset so I’m actually #1 on some tables!

While playing Castle Siege I noticed some lag at times. I’ll be curious to hear if others have the same issue or it’s something to do with my machine. I never had lag on any tables with Pinball FX2.


I’ve seen some lag, but I assumed it was my graphics card. Maybe not? Digging the score reset also :)


Yeah I found it laggy at times especially on the multi ball and all the effects going off. this was on Back to the Future. Thought it might be my machine which is running a 970. There are not a lot of options to fiddle with re settings either.


Tables not coming to Pinball FX3
• South Park Pinball 2 Table Pack
• Street Fighter Pinball
• Ninja Gaiden Pinball
• Plants vs. Zombies Pinball
• Ms. Splosion Man Pinball

Awww. I loved Ms. Splosion Man. And Plants and Zombies was pretty damn entertaining too. At least I can go back and play those–I do wish I’d have bought the South Park and the other tables before they got pulled, though.

It’s also weird that they make you register for portrait mode. Still waiting on that code–I wonder if it has to be human-approved?


Yeah, I liked Plants vs Zombies too. Probably the only one I’ll really miss.


Also the soccer table didn’t come over which I’m bummed about. I actually hate the sport but thought the pinball table was a lot of fun.