Pinball FX3 gets Carnivals, Legends, and an awkward switch to another platform


Have you played Pinball FX2 in VR? Looks neat.


For sure & I like that version sometimes. It is limited by few tables, however, and takes a pretty high end video card to keep performance / FPS up.



Gotcha, thanks. Do you have any favorite tables from FX2/FX3? I’ve only played a couple and liked them all so far, but wanted to see if there’s any classic ones to pick up since they are a touch pricey.


Is Carnival going to be available on PS4? Looks wonderful.


So I’ve played the sample tables from Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX3 on switch.

The frame rate hitches on FX3 are annoying. Seems as though the promised patch will address that.

The tables on this version of Pinball Arcade are meh for the most part. They’re all Gottlieb and only a couple standouts. And no extras at all. But it does run well.

So I’m willing to go with the fantasy Pinball angle of FX3, but I must say, the flipper physics are ridiculously forgiving. I can trap the ball at will almost. It’s like the flippers have a cheat mode deadening effect on a catch.

Is this normal for FX3? Am I crazy?


Played both on docked switch a couple of days ago and pinball arcade felt much more like real pinball. The carnival table is so visually busy, I lose track of the ball. It puzzles me that there’s no option to turn down the visual effects on the switch version (not sure on other platforms) of FX3 like every other version of Zen/Fox I’ve ever played.


The Pinball FX3 performance patch for Switch is dead according to this email interaction with the developer that was posted to the Switch reddit today:

That’s a bummer but I’m glad I haven’t invested in this version.



A little more from the developers (but no fundamental change):



Hmph. Between the performance and the physics issues, FX3 is a no buy for me.

Which sucks, because the Pinball Arcade tables only have a couple I really like. And few extras. But better physics.

Will wait.


Wow so they didn’t even proactively announce the patch cancellation, they were just hoping it would quietly go away and everyone would forget about the fixes they promised?


Nice catch.

That’s really too bad. I wish they’d have invested in porting Zen Pinball FX2 (but with the level up mechanic) instead of investing in a more demanding graphics engine. It’s pinball. I never thought, wow, look at those blocky polygons on FX2.


Right. Pretty shitty to throw it out there, charge money, and then decide not to fix some of th fundamental issues.


The pinball on consoles world needs better developers, period. I haven’t been at all impressed by anything that’s been coming to any of the current systems. The PC is really the only viable platform if you want performance and good looks.

I’m more and more impressed with what Kaze Co. did on SEGA Saturn twenty years ago every single time I play Last Gladiators or Necronomicon. The phenomenal butt rock just makes it that much more impressive.


Maybe new devs in a parallel universe where arcades never disappeared and pinball never became a niche.

But in this universe… meh. I can imagine that FX3 is perfect for those on non Switch platforms. Cool licenses, tournaments, online features, etc. Even FX3 is niche but it’s a big as it can be.

Even on those machines, I’d have a hard time ignoring the Bambi mode physics of FX3. But I suspect few notice and fewer care. The stupid kids on my lawn think it’s better because it’s easier. [shakes gnarled fist]

And Pinball Arcade is a niche within a niche for grumps like me. I wonder if anyone under 30 even realizes their demo table is based on a movie. But their initial set of releases is baffling and I’ve no idea if their full set of sim tables will come over.


It looks like bad PR has had an effect and the developers have changed their minds about a switch patch:

Good news overall, though we will need to see what actually releases this summer.



Related: Stern Pinball for Switch was just updated to support vertical play!

It’s mystifying that Farsight chose to release the Stern tables on Switch instead of some of the many better tables from Pinball Arcade.

But the new vertical mode and better performance vs Zen put me over the fence on buying the Stern DLC packs at $40. At least now there’s SOME worthwhile Switch pinball.



I think Stern has more to do with the choice than Farsight. They probably see it as advertising for their main business making real tables.


Good news: Farsight has announced Pinball Arcade for Switch. No release date yet, however.



Pinball Arcade for Switch has been released. 7 seasonal table packs are also available at $30 each.

I won’t be getting all of them until there’s a sale, but the first couple are must-haves for us freaks.



… and now it’s gone from the eShop. Pulled due to a “licensing issue” without info on when it will be released again.