Pinball FX3 high score / tournament topic of glory


It looks like we’re focusing on Pinball FX3 scores in the vanilla “no special table perks enabled” aka “Classic Single Player” mode, which seems entirely fair:

Now is the time to get those scores in before @thraeg and @arrendek mess it up for all of us!

Also, you’ll need to be in our QT3 Pinball group if you are not already to have all your friend scores tracked.

How many tables will you eventually own for Pinball FX3?

I will do my best to pwn you all on classic SP

over and out


All of the tables I’ve played have had friend’s scores in the new perk mode. Every table I’ve played hasn’t had any friend scores in the classic mode, so I’ve been playing the new mode. Basically I’ve just started with the tables on the left and am making my way to the right.

So is the general consensus here to play in classic mode - because I haven’t seen that happening yet. I’m OK with either, but I like to have scores to shoot for,


I’d strongly prefer classic mode. None of this wizbang power-ups shenanigans.


The additions to FX3 make it feel like a Twitterverse RPG. I think I’m ready to go back to classic now that I’ve fiddled with all of the powerups in non-classic.


I’ve been doing the same as you rob, playing default perk mode just playing my tables in order. I don’t mind going back and doing it in classic though. Is there any strategy in the new mode as far as deciding what perks to take? Is it balanced well where that aren’t obvious perks that are always the best?


Yeah otherwise it’s not fair. I started there too sadly but we need to change up.


I don’t really know. I think some of it depends on your playstyle. I guess I’ll be moving to classic mode though.

In my one playthough on one of the Marvel tables I did get the #6 score, but there were only around 100 players on it I think.


Yeah I’ve been experimenting with the new stuff because it’s new, but for competition I’m happy to just be on a level playing field.

For the wizard powers, slow motion seems pointless to me. Rewind giving you several extra balls seems like the obvious best, but I could see an argument for the score multiplier on tables like sorcerers lair where you get huge score payouts in a short time when triggering the wizard mode.


Does classic mode still build towards the upgrades?


I’m not convinced it even builds towards the superscore. :/


I think it depends on the table in question and your own skillset. If I’m playing a table where I can reliably hit the skillshots or where I can regularly get multi-ball going, I’ll go for those upgrades. Same with the bumper upgrade.

I’ll probably be bouncing back and forth between the new modes and classic for the time being. I’m enjoying the new stuff but I can see the appeal of classic as well. I definitely think the tournaments should be classic mode, assuming that’s possible.

I played a handful of tables on classic earlier to help get some leaderboard activity going. Had my best game of Excalibur ever, which might not be saying much considering I was never particularly good at it in FX2. That’s the cue for one or more of you to go and completely trounce it!


I think they do.
What saddens me is that your tourney scores aren’t shared with your single player performance. That sort of split of the scoring really stops me from wanting to play.


Goddamnit. I don’t get back home to my PC until next week. I just know all the high scores will be dominated by thraeg and RobC and arrendek by then.


I’m in for these fun times. Might need to buy more tables…


Could be worse, I won’t have mine back until I get home from India in December. by then I expect @arrendek will have crested a billion on a table

I’m only slightly exaggerating.


Nah, you’re safe from me until they iron out the launch bugs, especially the stuttering. I just got home from a business trip and went to go try and improve my score in the tournament before it ends, but it said I didn’t own Mars. Had to restart the game twice before it fixed itself. And the stutters are reduced by turning off all popups, but still probably happen every 30 seconds or so, just enough to throw off my timing and keep me out of the zone.

I turned on an fps counter and went back to FX2 to make sure, and there’s no comparison. It seems like they may have turned off something to limit the framerate to the monitor’s refresh rate in the transition. In FX2 the counter never wavered from 100, and the game was completely smooth. But in FX3, the counter fluctuated around 200-240 most of the time, but with occasional severe dips.


The Xbone version is completely boned, if that makes you feel better. It doesn’t save experience and the graphics freeze whenever a pop-up appears. It usually freezes either on load or exit too.


Now I feel bad because it’s running pretty much fine for me. I turned off all pop ups, music, and vsync but those are the only settings I touched.

Of course I won’t feel bad once @Thraeg starts stomping me again.


Oh yeah, that reminds me that I defaulted to vsync off because I have it handled at the driver level with gsync. But when testing with vsync on the game didn’t stutter as much, but it would randomly go into fast forward mode and run at 2-3x speed for a few seconds. Needless to say, that was not good for my scores either.