Pinball FX3 high score / tournament topic of glory


I think they do.
What saddens me is that your tourney scores aren’t shared with your single player performance. That sort of split of the scoring really stops me from wanting to play.


Goddamnit. I don’t get back home to my PC until next week. I just know all the high scores will be dominated by thraeg and RobC and arrendek by then.


I’m in for these fun times. Might need to buy more tables…


Could be worse, I won’t have mine back until I get home from India in December. by then I expect @arrendek will have crested a billion on a table

I’m only slightly exaggerating.


Nah, you’re safe from me until they iron out the launch bugs, especially the stuttering. I just got home from a business trip and went to go try and improve my score in the tournament before it ends, but it said I didn’t own Mars. Had to restart the game twice before it fixed itself. And the stutters are reduced by turning off all popups, but still probably happen every 30 seconds or so, just enough to throw off my timing and keep me out of the zone.

I turned on an fps counter and went back to FX2 to make sure, and there’s no comparison. It seems like they may have turned off something to limit the framerate to the monitor’s refresh rate in the transition. In FX2 the counter never wavered from 100, and the game was completely smooth. But in FX3, the counter fluctuated around 200-240 most of the time, but with occasional severe dips.


The Xbone version is completely boned, if that makes you feel better. It doesn’t save experience and the graphics freeze whenever a pop-up appears. It usually freezes either on load or exit too.


Now I feel bad because it’s running pretty much fine for me. I turned off all pop ups, music, and vsync but those are the only settings I touched.

Of course I won’t feel bad once @Thraeg starts stomping me again.


Oh yeah, that reminds me that I defaulted to vsync off because I have it handled at the driver level with gsync. But when testing with vsync on the game didn’t stutter as much, but it would randomly go into fast forward mode and run at 2-3x speed for a few seconds. Needless to say, that was not good for my scores either.


Which table was giving you these problems? I’ve tried about 18 out of the 24 tables I own, and haven’t seen these problems yet.


I didn’t have problems either the first two days I was playing. Now, it’s game-wide. I am asked to re-link my account each time I login, the game thinks it’s my first-time playing, and I get the message if I am new to pinball. But it doesn’t respond quickly to my response to that. When it does go on eventually rather than crash, I see that the game really does think it’s my first time playing because I have 0 experience points/back to level 1. It’s frustrating enough that I’ve mostly stopped playing since it started. But the graphics issues were on the few tables I tried. Judging by the reviews I’ve seen on the Xbox store, I’m not alone. At least one other reported the same basic problem–working fine at first and then everything went to crap.


The new patch and turning off the pop-ups has pretty much eliminated the stuttering for me. At least for the few games I played last night.


It’s pretty fun to put a score in Classic mode right now and see it come up in the top 10 or 20 scores globally for that table.

Less fun when you were just screwing around and didn’t even really try to score chase that table. I made #2 on World War Hulk and felt like I did pretty poorly to get there.

I’m just saying we need more scores. Generally but also specifically from the QT3 crowd.

Except for the 2 of you who have put a score on like every single table. Crazy. You guys did your part.


IKR. I’ve tried to hit a few tables, but sheesh.


I’m Steam friends with most everybody in the QT3 Pinball group but I’m sending friend requests to a few I’m not friends with already.

If you see a request come from Cornflakes with my avatar, that’s me.


I am leftist_heap on Steam these days. Don’t really use this username anywhere nowadays. I have scores up on a lot of tables.


Life got in the way this weekend and didn’t allow me to play anymore pinball.

I will give life the middle finger if it tries that again and be sure to get some scores up this week.


I only had this on PS3 as Zen Pinball in the previous iteration but I now have the PC version so please add me if you want a whipping boy!. I only have a few tables and I don’t think you can get the ones free if previously purchased on a different platform but I will slowly grow the collection again.

I prefer classic mode, not convinced about all this crazy power-up nonsense, when I were a lad we only had one ball and that had to last you a week etc etc.


Congratulations to iTimeTravelWell for winning the Infinity Gauntlet tournament – don’t recognize the name, so not sure if that’s a lurker here or not.

Anyway, I started a new one – 5-minute challenge, no powerups on Boba Fett. Password is ‘quarterto3’ again.


I started a new tournament for the Thor table. 1-ball challenge, password is quarterto3

On this table, you can activate the missions from the hole behind where it lights up ‘URU’. The first mission (brother’s duel) is fairly easy, you need to hit the blue ramps. If you hit 7 blue ramps before you hit 7 red ramps you get 15m. Score optimization is probably to hit 6 reds and 7 blues, but I usually just try to hit the blues. The second mission (the destroyer) is also not too hard, especially if you can get the ball to richochet around the bumpers a bit. I’ve made no noticeable progress on the rest of the missions myself.


Always liked Thor.

Managed to put up 68M with two main missions completed, but that’s definitely beatable. Good luck all!