Pinball Hall of Fame - Vegas

Just got back from a long weekend in Vegas. While I was there I visited the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Its in a non-descript strip-mall a couple of miles off the strip but I can’t recommend it enough.

They have 100+ pinball games (and a few old-skool video games) all in great shape. In addition to the pinball of my youth (Pinbot sits next to The Machine - A.K.A. The Bride of Pinbot) they have machines I’ve never heard of (Impacto!). Machines that never made it into production (Circus Pinball) and weird variations of pinball - bowling, hyperball ect. and a couple of old light gun shooters. Awesome stuff.

I’m wondering if our LV folks or anyone who has ever visitited has been there.

I’m going to LV later in the year, and that will definitely be a stopping place for me.

I read a long trip report of a visit there on a poker site I frequent. It sounds like a very fun place.

Thanks for that link! That’s nearly worth a trip to Vegas by itself!

Heh. 'sup bro.

Wait, can you play the games?

Yep. :)

Sad to say, I’m more excited to go to Vegas to see this than see the rest of the city. Love me some pinball.


We were just in Vegas, and I didn’t even know about this place. Guess I have to go back . . .

It is a real change of pace from the MGM Borg that owns most of the strip these days.

Its in a big room but unless you knew it was there you wouldn’t spot it. Its in a very ordinary Strip Mall-y kind of place. About a $15 (with tip) cab ride from the MGM Grand. Bring a map cause cabbies won’t know where it is either.

All the games are playable, and in very good shape. I talked to one of the guys that runs it, super nice guy. I had to ask him how Orbital 1 worked. Believe me, play it and your mind will tilt. (the ball is actually on a convex piece of glass, but looks like its on a flat one, and acting crazy.)

Not my bankroll–going through a serious period of cold, cold cards and bad beats atm :-).

I’ve been there a couple times - it’s definitely an unassuming building, but lots of fun and quite nostalgic. There’s also a $2 movie theater right near there. They tend to show movies that have been out for awhile or near their end run in major theaters.

Just found out this place exists and I’m so excited. The last time I wanted to go to Croydon I was seven.