Pirate games?

If you’re not insistent on it being a true Age of Piracy-type pirate game (and don’t mind sci-fi), I would cast a strong vote for Space Rangers 2.

Skies of Arcadia. Worth it to keep a GameCube around for. Or Dreamcast except my Dreamcast stopped being able to read my discs.

Bethesda’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with the ‘Build Mod’ is pretty nice. Probably still better than the later Age of Pirates games in that Sea Dogs series of games.

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove was pretty mediocre and had one astoundingly bad design decision, but it probably has more pirates than any of these games, so I totally win!

This. I looked it up again for a similar thread elsewhere and those build mod guys are still active and working on things.

Also Cutthroats! which is a bit dated but it’s really more of what I’d been looking for in a Pirates! sequel. Multi-ship combat, a little more realism, that kind of thing. Some links in the link above.

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard is quite piratey.

I wouldn’t wish this game on anyone.

Aww, I liked it! High fantasy swashbuckling goodness. Although it was a strange, unholy DOS/Windows hybrid that looked a wee bit terrible unless you had a 3Dfx card…

It also included some very disturbing voice acting, whether that adds to it’s “piratey” quantity, I’m not sure.

If you’re talking about Mariah, oh, my God, is that the worst voice acting in any game ever.

@OP: Mount and Blade Warband lets you plunder caravans, capture peasants and sell them into slavery, raze villages to the ground, and generally be a dick, but unrestrained dickishness is kind of pyrrhic as it cuts you off from the political endgame.

Sorry for the derail, but why did Redguard suck? I’m genuinely curious, I really wanted to play this back in the day but I couldn’t find it in stores… It seemed like an “open village” Bethesda game vice “open world”, and like Kael I want them to take their exploration RPG franchises towards the open village model.

It was more of an action-adventure.

Double Derail: Well, you can argue that Morrowind or Oblivion or Fallout 3 or New Vegas are mechanically inept and shallow action-adventures with a a grindy RPG veneer to fool the plebs into thinking there’s actually a game there.

It sucks as a Pirate game because there are no damn ships you can sail. Same with Mount & Blade. Shirtless hillbillies wielding meat-cleavers may call themselves river pirates but I never saw so much as an inflated innertube nearby!

Redguard really is a more traditional, puzzle-solving, NPC-chatting adventure game than a RPG. I didn’t get very far in though. Just wasn’t that interesting to me, sadly.

Mount & Blade: Warband is a fantastic game. It may capture some of the “do what you will” free-roving dynamics of Pirates! and the political background of shifting alliances and marriageable daughters of politically influential men (sans the silly dancing in Pirates 2, of course, we use manly poetry in M&B!).

But for me? I need to hear the crackle of sails in the wind.

Try Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey. It’s action RPG with some naval combat thrown in in Civil War setting. Never played it though, so I can’t vouch for its quality.

Edit: Though your character seems to be more of a cowboy rather than a pirate…

I have played it. Don’t. Not very good at all. The concept is clever but the execution just feels cobbled together, at best, and very arcady.

Couldn’t find a post for this , so using the generic pirate thread!

Pirates of the Black Cove

Pirates of the Black Cove Demo:


Looks intriguing. I’ll have to try the demo once my in-laws leave. The voice acting in that video is a bit questionable, but that doesn’t bother me overly. I liked the ‘buildings went up quickly in those days’ line as a building suddenly appears, fully built.

So since it is a pirate game, is it ok to pirate it?

ha ha ha, ok bad joke…

Checked out the video and it looks pretty good. I liked the sense of humor (i won’t spoil it, but i find the moment funny). Ever since i played pirates of the burning sea i’ve been looking for a single player version with similar gameplay/mechanics. My search led me to Pirates! which i liked a lot but after that it was mostly dry.

This game looks potentially quite fun, but we will see.

There’s an old Westwood console game called Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat. It was decent enough at the time - and it did include ship-to-ship combat, IIRC - though I have a hard time believing it’s worth hunting down now.

There’s also Galleon, which…well, wasn’t very good IIRC, but still - pirates! Or at least swashbuckling.

DDO has some pirate-themed areas & quests, in particular Three Barrel Cove.