Pirate PC Games - Enough Already!

Pirates of the Caribbean
Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
Port Royale
Tortuga: Pirate Hunter
Privateer’s Bounty: Age of Sail 2
Sid Meier’s Pirates (remake)
Pirates of the Burning Sea

Saturation! Let’s try to move beyond this fad to a different setting, shall we?

Gladly, as soon as a really, really good one comes along ;-)

Also, Yo-Ho-Ho!

You forgot Port Royale 2.

I agree, let’s have a little more gaming attention given to the forgotten parts of our history. Like WW2!

Shiver me timbers, ye mangy dogs!

These things go in cycles. About a year and a half to two years ago, lots of people were sitting around going “you know, there haven’t been any pirate games in a while; I bet people would buy a pirate game.” The problem is, dozens of people in different places had the same conversation, so now we have a glut. Next, those same people will sit around going “we already have too many pirate games on the market”, no matter how genius the next pirate game proposal is that they see.

My prediction for next cycle: Westerns.


A real life western RPG from an experienced company in the field that listens to its’ customers would be excellent. (Assuming it doesn’t fall into the Lionheart trap.)

Hey, I’ve got a partial plot. You roleplay a rookie lawman and improve in rank, skills and so on as the game goes by. In the end you’re a Marshall going after a Real Bad Dude and his henchmen. Lots of NPC’s, some of whom can join your “posse.”

I’m really going to miss games that allow you to experience the joy that soldiers experienced in facing a wall of Axis lead while trying to take a beachhead in a war of attrition, but it has to stop sometime. I mean, that was a real ball for a while and it makes me wish i was there, but it’s getting to be old hat. I fully look forward to future pirate games that follow the same tradition by showing us the subtle compexities of scurvy, sailing into a hurricane, and treating venerial diseases with 17th century medicine.

Like it - needs more robots.

Like it - needs more robots.[/quote]
Screw the bots, needs Ninjas. I mean, where’s your historical accuracy? There were plenty of Ninjas around the time the West was on, but there weren’t no bots.

Let’s compromise. Robot ninjas.

Hey, what’s the best of the lot Midnight Son mentioned? I think I remember Port Royale being spoken of warmly. It’s 20€ now and I almost picked it up last week, but couldn’t remember if that was ‘the good one’. Thanks,


Yeah, Port Royale is definitely worth a look, Tropico 2 is enjoyable as well though. Tortuga is basically Pirates!, but without fencing (at least in the beta version I played in early 2003). It recycles a number of assets used in Port Royale, but lacks its depth.

If pirate games lack popularity… explain the existence of THIS!


RRRRRrrrrrr! Avast!

For all your pirate gaming needs

Whatever you do, don’t get POTC for the GBA

Arr, matey, I woudn’t mind it so much if the games had a bit of seamanship or even some proper piratical action to them. Avast with these lubberly games made by a bunch of nancy-boys who can’t tell the difference between a galleon and a gallon o’ rum! Caribbean economic simulations? Dungeons full o’ skellingtons? Sailing into the eye of the wind? These be not pirate games, these are but piratical wannabes with nary a dram of seamanship nor the least bit of savor to 'em. To the deep with them all, says I! Arr!

Dare I hope they have jetpacks?

…and it makes me wish i was there…

No kiding, were else would you want to be?

The most egregious violator of the pirate legend.