Pirates of the Caribbean 4

I was sure we had a thread about this already, but I couldn’t find it.

sigh each was just so much worse than the previous that this might actually get a negative score. I really have no interest in this at all.

It’s based (loosely and increasingly so as more and more news comes out) on Tim Powers’ On Stranger Tides, which is an awesome book. The only way they could pique by interest more would be if they’d said the plot was going to be Captain Jack Sparrow trying to discover the secret of Monkey Island while racing against his old enemy the ghost pirate LeChuck and having to put up with a somewhat inept first mate named Guybrush Threepwood.

Hopefully they’ll write Captain Jack’s dialogue straight this time, like it was in the first movie, and let Depp wackify it with delivery instead of writing it wacky and then getting MORE wacky when performed. This was one of the major pieces of why the 2nd and 3rd movies blew so badly compared to the first.

I liked the second movie quite a bit, if only because it was like watching monkey Island ™ the movie.

Yeah that scene of them heading towards the Voodoo Lady™ 's house was straight out of MI2.

It’s not hard. Just search for “Depp”

The second movie was pure garbage (overly long, boring, no plot) but the third was quite good. I’m tentatively on board for this one.

Granted, the 2nd and 3rd movies don’t compare to the first, but they’re all still a lot of fun. I figure this one will be another along those lines.

I’m still looking for someone to create an animated looping background for my desktop of the two ships fighting broadside over the whirlpool.

Yes, I’m in the small minority who actually liked the third movie as well. Some people found it over-complicated and confusing but I thought they did a good job of following through with all of the themes and plot-lines which had been raised by the first two movies and they avoided the cheap Hollywood trap of giving Orlando Blooms character a happy ending when the story clearly demanded that the series end with Bloom becoming captain of The Flying Dutchman.

I’m probably also in the minority in feeling that, while Depp’s character is what makes the movies great, Orlando Bloom’s character was the soul of the original trilogy and I worry what the loss of he and Keira Knightly will mean for the fourth movie.

The biggest problem I can foresee is that the first movie was broadly the same plot as On Stranger Tides (fish out of water gets caught up with Pirates, discovers that magic is real, gets swept up in intrigue between pirates and wealthy landowners, becomes a pirate himself, etc. etc.) so they have a serious problem with repetition.

At a guess, I’d say they wrote Tim Powers a big fat check as a way of saying “Thanks for the plot, sorry we didn’t actually license it from you.” and then scrapped everything but the fountain of youth from the book for the fourth movie. It will be Jack Sparrow needing to find the fountain for some reason, and nothing else from the book. Which was fantastic. I’m just hoping they get Woefully Fat in there somewhere.


This reminds me of a great story that Terry Rossio posted on his blog several years ago. I tried to figure out how to link directly to it, but since Myspace redesigned their blogs, everything is poorly formatted and hard to read, so I’ll just quote the whole story here … apologies in advance if this seems like a big wall of text, but it’s worth it:

Oh, what a fantastic story. I’m a big Depp fan thanks to the whole philanthropy thing, and this just confirms it.

“Bring me that horizon” is pretty much the PotC line for me - and it was written by him!

Cheers for that, Sinnick. Brightened up my evening a bit.

From what I’ve picked up, they bought the movie rights to Powers book mostly to avoid any possible legal issues over the story of a pirate searching for the Fountain of Youth. With the money these movies make they could drop a healthy six figures in Powers lap, no problem.

And yes, it is a great book and I love most of Powers books. This movie won’t be anything like his book, though.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that enjoyed the third movie (I actually like all three, but 1 & 3 certainly exceed 2). It was completely over-the-top and they were completely unashamed about it. The whole ship battle in the whirlpool was waaay too long for any other movie, but here it worked. I’m quite interested to see number 4. So long as it isn’t Mummy 3, it’ll be good. I hope.

Wow, what a great story.

They should go for broke and add ninjas.

Zombies, magicians, gods, pirates, puppets, chicken spells, wenches, winches . . . yeah, I could see a ninja in there. He needs a cool name though, like Inscrutably Yellow.

…and cue Dirt.

You have to have an anchor of normalcy to keep it from being a Burton weirdfest, which is why Will-Elizabeth-Norrington triangle is.

That’s who the protagonist of the book was, the normal guy thrust into the crazy pirate world. Really, the first movie is pretty much the book, except less so.