Pirates of the Caribbean

“Must see movie of the Year!”

“The hottest action flick of this summer!”

“We didn’t attribute the quotes because we made them up ourselves!”

Hmm… what a fishy trailer. I think I’ll still go see it.

Me too!

Keep your hopes up Jakub and Skies. FWIW it’s getting some kick-ass reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (well maybe not kick-ass but very respectable). 91% with average rating of 7.6/10 with 34 reviews in.

[size=2]Disclaimer: yes, yes, I know I’m supposed to form my own opinion instead of slavishly parroting the professional critics, but hey it’s not out yet! :) [/size]

The movie has a very higher than I expected rating at 86% approval at Rotten Tomatoes… though remember a ** 1/2 star rating is counted as tomato. Still though, I bought the game so I got a free movie pass!!! I rock!


This is why the Rotten Tomatoes scale is sometimes misleading. It’s not getting many negative reviews, but it’s not getting many strong recommendations, either. Most of the positive reviews are lukewarm…

“Convoluted but diverting.”

“Better than it deserves to be.”

“Fun, but only if you don’t expect much.”

A high percentage on the Tomatometer doesn’t mean a movie is great (despite what wumpus thinks); it can just as easily mean that a lot of reviewers think it’s slightly better than average.

Still, I plan to see it. For the cast (I’ll see anything with Geoffrey Rush in it), if nothing else.

USA Today had a glowing review of it…“first summer movie that delivers”

The fantasy element is supposedly cool, ie undead. So its not just a pirates of penzance thingy… huh? anyway, undead and pirates and Legolas make it cool!


But no ninjas which, I fear, must equal minus points.

Not just “undead and pirates,” my friend: undead pirates! Who in their right mind would pass on this movie? One of the pirates looked like a ninja to me, and another looked like a robot. It’s got it all!

Legolas has been on my shit list, though, ever since he fell out of that helicopter and lost us the war in Iraq.

No cowboys? I know, you kids today with your pirates vs. ninjas nonsense. Older folks know that cowboys are much cooler.

They do have big silly hats and pistols. Also boots. And at least one of them was wearing a vest.

Hot dog! I can fill in the rest then.
(“Honey? Look! That one is a cowboy!”)

A high percentage on the Tomatometer doesn’t mean a movie is great (despite what wumpus thinks); it can just as easily mean that a lot of reviewers think it’s slightly better than average.

If you’ve been studiously reading every one of my posts, as you should have been, you’d know that one of my criticisms of RT was the annoyingly binary nature of the scale. They have since added a numeric rating alongside the percentage which helps deal with these kinds of discontinuities.

There’s also a growing disparity between the “cream of the crop”, which I assume is well-known reviewers who work for large established media outlets (newspapers, tv, etc etc), and the overall score, which I assume reflects every man, woman, and child who can afford the $9.99/month it costs to run a website and post movie reviews. This came up most recently in the Hulk reviews-- cream of the crop: 47% and 5.9; overall 61% and 6.4.

Soon we’ll have to treat the RT score as the audience exit polls versus the critical score, which kinda defeats the point. Both numbers are of course valid in their own way for different uses, but I personally look to RT for critical meta-reviews not audience meta-reviews.

Ok I’m off to go see this flick.

NY Times loved it too.

My fiance and I just got back from seeing it and it’s pretty fucking cool. Lot of fun. Not a thinking mans movie but the effects rule and Johnny Depp is the most piratey man on earth.

Yeah, but what gender booty does he pirate? :shock:

Agreed. I thought it was a little too long, but I really enjoyed it. Johnyy Depp plays it with such a broad wink that I couldn’t help but laugh at almost every line. I’ve enjoyed it more than any other film I’ve seen this summer, which hasn’t been that many.

It’s getting surprisingly good reviews so far. Not that I thought it would suck, but it seems as though this could be the surprise package in an otherwise sucky summer…