Pirates! Real ones

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Game piracy is just as big a problem on the PS2 and Xbox as it is on PC. So that’s probably not the reason the PC market is shrinking.

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Not to burst your bubble or anything, but both the PS2 and the Xbox can be modded just a wee bit and viola you can rent/burn/return anygame you want. Its not a PC only problem. Ive got a friend that owns over 200 Xbox and PS2 games. Literaly 9 of them are retail boxes the rest are just burns. Its just as bad on the consoles, its just not getting the attention that the PC side of things does.

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I think piracy is a bit overblown IMHO. The PC game revenues are steadily rising, and piracy isn’t going away. Any money the publisher spend on anti-piracy measures (except for online games) is money spent uselessly.

Oooh, let’s have SecuROM 9000 ! It will prevent the hackers from stealing our game [size=1]for two days after which a crack will come out[/size]. In addition, Tranquility mentioned piracy is just as bad on consoles… too true people, look on Pirate’s Bay and there are just as many Xbox/PS2/Gamecube games on there as PC games. And nowadays you don’t even need modchips most of the time!

Publishers need to wisen up, stop with these annoying cd checks (all they do is hurt the people who bought it and are trying to make legal backups or play the game with Daemon/Alcohol installed) and instead make better games and release demos (like EA did with Battlefield 2, good move) so people don’t need to pirate the game to “try” it. And if people don’t like the demo, well they weren’t going to buy the game anyways (and it’s the publisher’s fault for releasing an unfinished game out the door).

I agree. I have a HUGE problem somewhere between Battle for Middle Earth and my DVD drive. It literally takes 5 min for the DVD to spin up, and it delays my boot if it’s in the drive. The ONLY way I can play this game is with the no-cd crack.

The man speaks the truth. Case in point i want so bad to play SH3 but they put fucking starforce on that disk, so i did no buy it. Maby thats one the reasons for its horrid sales.

I generally install the crack right after I install the game. Occasionally it screws something up, like Evil Genius, but generally the game runs smoother and loads faster.

Or, if you must pirate, send a check to the artist. Most artists have links to their management on their Web sites. Just think how cool you’ll feel when it clears.

Very true. I hope they follow in the path of Epic and Valve in allowing users to play the game without the CD in there. These CD checks are extremely stupid, since as you said they don’t stop pirates from pirating these games, and they just irritate those who legitimately bought the CDs. These installers should at least give you the option of activating the game online so you can play it without the CD.

And while we’re at it, fuck you Ubisoft for the irritation you caused in your attempt to protect Far Cry from piracy.

what irritation was there in far cry?


There were a lot of issues with emulation and CD/DVD burning software. The game wouldn’t work if Alcohol or CloneCD were installed. In some cases, there were problems with Nero installed, but these were few. Also DaemonTools.

The problem wasn’t just this, it was also that for some people, the copy protection scheme would not cause any problems for instance if you removed Alcohol and kept CloneCD, or vice versa, or if you uninstalled Nero and kept something else. And sometimes it would work with these programs installed. I remember there were a lot of complaints on FC official forums. It didn’t happen to me though, only program I had was a lite version of Nero that I get with my optical drive, but it was quite pissing off for a lot of people, and I’m sure I would have flipped out if it happened to me.

It is pretty rampant, boxes can be easily modded for purchased modded for low cost. Afterwards all you’d need to know is how to download the game images and burn them to a disc.

— Alan

It is pretty rampant, boxes can be easily modded for purchased modded for low cost. Afterwards all you’d need to know is how to download the game images and burn them to a disc.

I think that we tech-savvy people have a pretty significant misconception of the prevelance of things like that. The install base for those systems is so large that I have a hard time believing a non-negligible percentage of owners have modchips. Particularly for the PS2 – that’s a much bigger pain in the ass than the XBox is.

Also, almost all of the people I know with modded XBoxes have a non-modded one for playing multiplayer games.

Come on. Console piracy is nothing in comparison to PC piracy. With a console you’ve gotta physically alter the system, killing your warranty, or screw around with a flip-top and swap discs, etc. Then you’ve gotta download the ROMs and burn to a DVD, which can be an arcane science depending on the game. With the PC you just download and play. Piracy of PC games is a lot more casual.

But we’ve had this argument here before, so there’s no point in rehashing it.