Did they rename Sea Dogs 2?

I think they have two different games confused. TDK has the publishing rights to a game based on Pirates of the Caribbean for Disney (the movie/ride). The screen shots and info, though, seem to be about Sea Dogs 2. AFAIK, there hasn’t been any info released yet on the TDK Pirates title.

Features: Valuable fusion of role-playing game and sailing ship simulator.

To whom and for how much?

Your Power Pill

Looks like Gamestop just screwed up, the box even says “Sea Dogs II.”

I have high hopes for Sea Dogs 2. If they can fix some of Sea Dogs 1’s shortcomings, perhaps the spirit of Sid Meier’s Pirates! will finally set sail again.

Even the early Sea Dogs II stuff I saw at E3 last year was pretty cool. It’s fun bribing Bethesda to show you a game… all it takes is beer! Lots and lots of beer. They like beer.

mmmmm, beer. We do like the beer.

That link is an overzealous retailer jumping the gun.

Hey, do you work at Bethesda?

If so, congrats on Morrowind. I’m an original Arena player who has followed the various incarnations of the world (even Redguard and Battlespire). Morrowind is my current game to play over lunch, and it will probably take me another year at this rate. :-)

An update:

News story from Adrenaline Vault: http://www.avault.com/news/displaynews.asp?story=3272003-14635.

Perhaps Sea Dogs 2 has magically transformed into Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Gamestop guys were sort of right.

I swear publishers are such lying fuckers sometimes.

Its simple.

[li]Sea Dogs 1 tanked (at least the last time I checked)
[/li][li]There was a much publicized spat between Akella and Bethsoft, which seemed to automagically resolve itself when nobody was looking. Something about unpaid royalties or somesuch
[/li][li]Akella went ahead with Sea DogsII anyway. Before you knew it, Bethsoft was back in the saddle
[/li][li]Now that Bethsoft has the rights to do this pirates game for Disney, just think, who in their right minds would want to do two pirate games when you can just re-brand the existing one?

To wit

And Frans over at Blues presents the best evidence of this re-branding. Why Bethsoft don’t just come flat out and say what they’re doing, is anyone’s guess.

Pirates of the Caribbean In - Sea Dogs II Out [March 27, 2003, 4:38 PM EST] - 5 Comments
This press release announces an upcoming pirate-themed RPG called Pirates of the Caribbean that will be released in conjunction with the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, starring Johnny Depp. Word is: “the game will bring swashbuckling adventures and rich worlds to Xbox and PC this June, and to PlayStation 2 at a later date,” and the announcement is accompanied by three screenshots. We have confirmed that the developer on this project is Akella, and must engage in a little uncharacteristic speculation that there is a reluctance to admit that rather than being a movie tie-in from the start, that this game is Sea Dogs II with a new name, as all traces of that project seem to have vanished. Besides the coincidental theme, developer, and publisher of the two titles, the former Sea Dogs II site at http://seadogs2.bethsoft.com/ now redirects to the PotC site, and, most compelling of all, comparing this Pirates of the Caribbean shot to this Sea Dogs II shot doesn’t leave much room for doubt that these two projects are one in the same. Big thanks to Frans for helping piece through all of this.

Hm. Pretty funny… A sequel game getting converted to a movie license game. This is the exact opposite of what happened at Atari with Star Raiders II, which started out as a movie license game based on The Last Starfighter but ended up as a sequel to a preexisting game.[/b]


As long as they keep the Sea Dogs gameplay intact, they can call it “The Many Gay Adventures of Captain Funpants” for all I care…

Well, that explains something to me. I wrote two pitches for Disney projects, one for the Pirates movie and one for a different license. They chose the other license, even though I considered the Pirates pitch much better. Now I know why–they were able to pick up a game that was already halfway through development!

Every time I see the name Bethesda I get nostalgic for the Amiga days.
That, and Quartex.

I hope they don’t Disney-fy Sea Dogs II too badly. I loved the original; the combat was unreal. I just wished it was set in the real Caribbean…

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Buena Vista Games is trying hard not to turn everything “Disney” into some kiddy game. Witness the surprising sophistication of Treasure Planet, and even moreso, Tron 2.0.

It’s my understanding that there will be a few minor changes to Sea Dogs II to tie it in with the movie, but nothing huge. I’m guessing here, but we’re talking about renaming an NPC and town or two, maybe getting one of the secondary actors in the movie to reprise a voice role.

Sea Dogs II is too far along to make sweeping changes and still get it done for both PC and Xbox in time for a June release alongside the movie.

Don’t you mean Captain Cookiepants?