Pixar's Inside Out 2 - June 2024, Anxiety incoming

Cars 3 is fantastic, easily the best of the franchise. Hell, it retroactively makes the original movie better by existing, it’s like the opposite of a Star Wars prequel.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen it (think it’s the only Pixar I haven’t, apart from the new one). But that is not the critical consensus. Goddammit, am I going to have to watch Cars 3 now?

The ball says: Yes. Yes, you are.

Yeah, Cars 3, much like Toy Story 3, followed up a somewhat uninspired sequel with far and away the high point of its series.

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to debate opinion, but did Thraeg just call Toy Story 2 “somewhat uninspired”?? I agree Toy Story 3 was even better, but c’mon!

“I seriously doubt he’s getting this kind of mileage.”

The first three Toy Story movies are just fantastic. I’ll admit, when they announced 3 my thought was “what could they possibly do with it?” but holy crap did they land that movie.

And now they’ve announced Toy Story 5! I had that same thought, what can they do with it? But if each new Toy Story features yet another midlife crisis piled on top of poor Woody The Cowboy…

Toy Story: Passed up by energetic new coworker

TS2: Fantastic new job opportunity! But it doesn’t pan out

TS3: Marriage (that is, Andy’s ownership) is going stale, near-fatal health emergency after misadventure

TS4: There is life after divorce! He throws himself into volunteerism, rekindles sparks with an old flame, and even becomes an organ donor

What kind of shitty misfortune that’s kind of analogous to aging men’s problems could Woody withstand next time? I hope he doesn’t get taken by a scam artist, or get sucked into watching Fox News.

Oof. I was… not a fan of 4. I’m in awe of what they did with 3 and will forever love the originals but at this point they’ve stretched it about as far as it can go, I’d say. I’d love to be proven wrong, of course.

Maybe they have to save a local ma-and-pa toy store from going out of business by infiltrating an Amazon warehouse.

Actually, these days, you could make a feel-good story out of saving a big box retailer like Toys-R-Us.

MAN, did I ever love this movie. Saw it on an IMAX screen over the weekend with the fam and I thought it was incredibly hilarious and just so, so touching. Of all the terrific Pixar story concepts, this one is my absolute favorite. It just hits all the right buttons for me as a former kid as well as a parent of teen girls.

It makes great use of hockey to help tell the story, both the teamwork element as well as Riley’s time spent in the penalty box.

I really appreciated the senior hockey player named Val that Riley wants to impress and how she was portrayed as a solid, supportive person and strong role model throughout. She’s not just some kind of mean girl caricature. Really smart writing.

And move over, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish! There’s a new reigning champion in animated panic attacks. That part at the end really got me, just the image of Anxiety inside that electric-orange maelstrom, frozen at the control helm, grinning and tearing up and looking sideways to Joy, desperate for help. That just wrecked me emotionally for reasons I’m still not sure I understand… I had multiple tracks of tears running down both cheeks. I love how every emotion just wants what’s best for Riley.

And, after the climax, that beautiful sensory experience of touch and sound and then the warmth of the sun helping Riley calm back down and rejoin the world around her.

A+! Best Pixar movie since the original. When they’re in top form, there’s just nothing in the world like a Pixar film. What a gift!

Agree with everything you wrote, @rrmorton .

Watched this with my two boys (teen and pre-teen); very enjoyable and very relateable. At least as good as the first - perhaps even better, because this tries to deal with an even more complex set of feelings.

I love how the “puberty upgrade” made the impact of every feeling just go into 1000% overdrive. That is such a great description of the teen experience - wish they had spent a bit more time on that aspect.

Liked the movie a lot, but it seemed to be slow in spots. Certainly will watch it again in the future, and now that I know the story beats, it won’t seem so slow in those spots (because I don’t think it’s that long a movie).

I do think it was better than the first one. Not that I didn’t like the first one, just that this one was a little better. I mean, hockey camp!!!

I saw this a couple days back with my wife and adult daughter. It is not the type of movie I would have ordinarily seen at a theater at this point in my life (a kids’ movie tends to attract… children… to the theater who can’t make it through a two-hour viewing without melting down), but it was 107F outside and we were stuck.

All in all, it was good but not as moving or as deep as the original. It was basically a re-telling of the previous movie with a slightly different message.

There was actually NO ONE in the movie who was portrayed as a villain, aside from Reilly herself at times. Everyone was basically a decent person, even the antagonist (Anxiety) was mostly trying to do right as she saw it. I think that’s basically the same as in the first film.

It was mostly a throw-away gag, but I really enjoyed the hell out of “Lance Slashblade” and his pathetic and yet totally-overpowered ultimate move.

For me, the weakest part was the attempt to try and scare up a whole new “team” of emotions to usurp the original five. I understand why they needed to do it, but… Ennui and Envy were weak concepts. (though I appreciated the gags and the portrayal of Ennui as a cubist Picasso painting)

Saw it with my daughter over the weekend, that’s pretty much my take. It played like a variation on the themes of the first movie. It was a fun ride, laughs were had, but I felt like I had seen it all before.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’d never consider watching it based on cars 2. I saw it with the family and we all enjoyed it very much.

We found this one much better than the original (which my wife liked and I found underwhelming). The extra focus on the outside out stuff made for a much more compelling narrative.

Wow, Inside Out 2 is huge! Congrats to Pixar -

Happy that a feel-good fun movie with some depth is getting that kind of box office. If I wished any to do it, this’d be the one.