Pixar's Inside Out (2015)

I love it.

— Alan

Oh yeah, that looks fantastic.

Herman’s Head, anyone?

About halfway through the trailer, I thought “huh, depending to the specificity, this entire movie could be about one conversation”.

Now, I kind of want the entire movie to be about a single conversation.

My faith in Pixar is restored.

Brave had a ton of butts and some boob in it, now this one is having a mother fantasize about not her husband. Disney has changed ;)

As long as they don’t focus on making men blubbering idiots, this could work.

This looks like a premise suitable for a short, not an entire feature film. All three of the family members were tired cliches, and the “characters” inside their heads… well, they’re explicitly clone-stamped archetypes, which doesn’t bode well for any meaningful characterization.

So either it’s a bad movie, or a bad trailer. Hopefully this scene was created just for the ad campaign, to ease the Transformers-watching masses into the concept, and isn’t actually in the movie. Kind of like the interview clips leading up to The Incredibles. Hopefully it doesn’t have more than a few minutes of tedious “Do this!” (he does it.) “Do that!” (he does that).

My first thought as well. I enjoyed that series.

Looks like you and I are the doubters here, Zylon. On the basis of the trailer alone, I’m not impressed. Maybe that family isn’t the focus of the film and serves as supporting characters, or maybe there’s a lot more to them than we see from that clip. I hope so.

yeah, I’m with you two. Enjoyed the trailer for some easy laughs, but it’s not really doing much new. Now that I have a 2 year old daughter and will soon start compiling a list of old favorites and looking for new things that I can enjoy too, I’m very dismissive of all these quick talking gag character movies. I’ll be quicker to show anything that has a sense of quiet wonderment, exploration, subtle magic and possibility. Brave had a bit of that, but was still too wrapped up in the characters and not in mysterious worlds in which to lose yourself. I’ll be leaning more heavily into (illustrated) books, methinks, unless film trends change.

The character animation reminded me a lot of Incredibles. The daughter is channeling Violet in a big way.

The trailer had quite a few funny moments (the foot launch sequence was hilarious), but I’m a little skeptical of an entire movie done this way as well.

Meh. The original is still the greatest. Though I don’t expect to see Pixar going there.

Yeah, I was thinking about this this morning, and it’s unfortunate that they decided to go with such well-worn sitcom tropes of parenting styles (uninterested Dad, exasperated Mom, etc). I understand why they would do it that way, especially from a trailer perspective, but it’s still treading pretty tedious ground.

I do still want the brutal, harrowing off-broadway version of this which is a single 2 hour argument about infidelity, crushed dreams and existential dread.

It’s a bit maddening to see various media outlets burble about what a fresh, original idea this is, when the basic concept goes back thousands of years. And yes also Herman’s Head, shoulder devils and angels, yadda yadda etc.

My ex and I used to put ourselves in stitches laughing at the thought of committees of little guys in brown lab coats, grimy workmen, etc., etc., comprising the Society of Mind, especially in relation to filtering thoughts, working embarrassing body functions and the like.

God I have forgotten how funny that scene was. After the last few years I know longer think of Pixar of automatically putting out great movies, but they still have a hell of track record, so I am optimistic.

This movie is currently at 54/54 on Rotten Tomatoes. Must see!


I’m especially appreciative that Pixar timed this release perfectly for me and my family who are all currently wrestling with the extraordinarily complex challenges of living with an 11 year-old girl and all her turbulent emotions. If anyone can fix our family dysfunction, it’s Pixar!

This NY Times piece on director Pete Docter and the film’s creative evolution is a must-read.

I still get a negative stereotypical stupid men vs. women vibe from the trailers I’ve seen. If the movie’s actually really that good then I’d say they did a crappy job of showing it.

Ok, so now it is at 99 and 1, and the lone dissenter’s main criticism is basically that he doesn’t care about a little girl’s feelings.