Pixar's Inside Out (2015)

I really want to see this, but I’m starting to think I’m at the point where, as a single man without children, I feel more than a little weird seeing an animated movie alone.

If this were a Disney princess saga, I might agree with you. But it’s Pixar, man, Pixar! Go.

Even without my kids watching it with me I would have loved this film. Don’t stop yourself from having fun!

Really looking forward to seeing this one! The trailer is hilarious!

I actually did that.

Well, I’m soon-to-be divorced father of two children under three, but I went alone. It was a little awkward, but I laughed, I cried, and it didn’t feel weird once the lights went down.

But I still made sure to have at least four or five seats between myself and any family.

I’ve felt a bit weird in the past. But Pixar movies are too good and live is too short to be self conscious. I stopped caring that ball my eyes out, although less with Inside out than most Pixars movies.

Don’t worry - you have feelings and emotions, right? Then it will work as a movie :)

Go to like a 10pm show – the only other people there will be people who don’t have kids with them, or people who are (by definition) terrible parents.

If this thread is anything to go by, apparently you need to have your brain somewhat melted by having children to enjoy it.

I have no kids, and I liked it. It’s not Pixar’s best work, but it’s enjoyable.

sat through it without kids, didn’t get a single weird stare from the families around me (and their kids behaved well too!)

Don’t have kids (one on the way and uncle to 5) but I thought it was brilliant. Yes I said brilliant. I thought the way they depict the the mental chaos that goes on in a child’s mind as it battles with feelings of depression was amazing. Yes there were parts that dragged, and a major “why didn’t frodo just fly on an eagle to mount doom” moment, but I’m willing to overlook it because the general concept and execution was just too good.

He guys, I have a idea for a Adam Sandler movie!.

Aliens watch “Inside Out” from out space and mis understood it. From the movie they get the idea that the male population of earth are all brutes prones to violence, and that womens are nuanced characters. So they decided to exterminate all the males, but one, a smug taxi driver that can’t stop talking played by Adam Sandler.

My wife and I saw this movie without our son, who at 16 would probably only be embarassed by it. I thought it was much more aimed at parents than children, and parents’ emotional buttons are pressed with astonishing precision. It seems like that is the technique Pixar has been perfecting more than CGI, and this movie succeeds masterfully; all the more remarkable since the underlying artistic vision is so simple and generic. I wouldn’t have missed the movie–it does so well at what it is trying to do. But in the end it seems more like product than art, and I felt more manipulated than genuinely moved.

I definitely agree with this. It’s like they hit all the beats, but not much happened. I don’t know, it missed the mark with me. I enjoyed it while watching it, but I do think it’s lesser Pixar. I guess I need to put them into a list to know how disappointed I was with it overall. -_-

I haven’t really feel any real interest in this after seeing the trailer… it just felt gimmicky to me in a bad way. On par with Big, Change-Up, Liar Liar, where the people are just puppets to the plot construct, I have trouble finding empathy for them, in opposition to films like Toy Story and Honey I Shrunk the Kids, where real ‘people’ are subject to a changed world or a different perspective.

That’s an amusing comparison for me, since Malick’s To The Wonder was a gross oversimplification of human emotions with all the subtlety of a hammer. Inside Out is far more delightful & has more emotional complexity.

As far as Inside Out is concerned on its own merits, I can fully acknowledge that it felt a bit formulaic, that the art was mostly uninspired (by Pixar standards), and that the rules were basically established on the fly—although on this last point I do feel they always made sense in the context of riffing off the human brain & its common tropes. But I don’t think any of this detracted in the slightest from what was ultimately an emotional journey, not a physical one. The point of those obstacles was not to stop Joy & Sadness from returning to the command center. It was to teach Joy how to accept Sadness. On that front, I think the movie fully succeeds. I’d also wager that, narratively speaking, the trope-ridden real world stuff was the metaphor, and the brain world, while driven more by artistic rules than physical ones, was where all the substance lay. I couldn’t have cared less about how pedestrian the real world bits were. Shorthand, indeed.

I really like the negative opinions in the first page of this thread, based entirely on the trailer. Some enjoyable reading there after having seen the movie ;)

So I didn’t even know this film existed until I was dragged to see it. Overall, I thought it was great, as was the animated short shown before it (Lava). I’ll admit I let out a little tear at the end – I don’t have kids, so I don’t know if how that happened as I presumably haven’t been infected by the brain rot required to do such a thing.

The only wrong-note I think the film had was the way Joy describes Sadness’s usefullness purely in terms of “People pay attention to us when we’re sad, therefore sadness has uses”. Seemed a bit too much like describing all forms of sadness as attention-seeking?

I used to be the kind of person that would complain about how unrealistic a movie was and detail every single instance of unrealisticness, but I gave that up a while ago. These days I’m not really concerned with the exact implementation of a world a movie is describing, just the general jist. However one things stood out to me:

How can “Joy” cry? She’s joy? Surely she can only be joyous? Does Joy have little people inside of her head, too? Is it little homunculi all the way down? ;)

I leaned over and whispered that same question to my wife. I think the answer is yes!

Except in dogs and cats.