Pixel glitter?

Or something like that. I don’t know what else to call it. Just noticed that I’ve got this glittery pixel thing going on where pixels around text sort of flicker for a split second. It’s intermittent, so on a thread screen here these little things dance all over the place. The problem isn’t really bad, but it reminds of a much less intense version of the corruption that I used to get when trying to OC old video cards, so I’m worried that my 6800GT (which has never been overclocked, btw) may be starting to go. More noticeable with light text on dark backgrounds.

Tried a couple of the most recent Nvidia drivers; no fix. Not sure how long this might have been going on. It’s so minor that I might have been simply missing it for a while. Doesn’t show up in games, either, just desktop apps.

Any thoughts? Running that 6800GT with a Benq 19" FP931 LCD monitor. No problems with either the card or the monitor. Both are closing on a year old, so if I’ve got a problem with either, I’d like to take care of it now. I’ve waited for warranties to expire too damn often!

The key to diagnosing any hardware problem is to replace suspect components with good ones.

In your case, it’s probably easiest if you can borrow another monitor for a while to see if the new monitor still exhibits the haloing/chromatic abberation.

Update: Used Driver Cleaner and reinstalled the Forceware 81.85 driver again and the problem seems to have vanished.

Too late to help in this case, but it sometimes helps to break out a can of compressed air and clean off the card/fan/heatsink, too. You’d be surprised what that can do to temps.

Thanks for the tip. I do that regularly already, though. Amazing how much dust can build up even in a couple of weeks.

Is your computer near the floor? If you can elevate your computer 2-3 feet, the dust problem is very much reduced.