Pixel Privateers nearly sinks under the weight of all that loot


So much loot! More loot after every mission. Loot left over after the last mission. Loot I forgot I had. Panels and panels of colorful little icons, some green, some blue, some a couple of shades of purple, and some that eye-catching orange/yellow. There are even some reds. Reds! The rarest of the rare. Epic, even! No, wait, I think orange/yellow is epic. Red is an artifact, which transcends rarity because rarities are adjectives and an artifact is a noun. Loot, loot, loot! Normally all this treasure would be a cause for celebration.

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The way I am playing, I replace the old gear by new gear with bigger numbers. Maybe theres some endgame that I have yet to experience where the numbers stop going high has much, and you focus on the cool perks and the best gadgets.


There is an autosell button that you can define what kind of loot you want left after you sell, I just sell anything green and below.


I agree completely with the loot glut and micromanagement involved. Fun game re ally though and sorta easy to get in and out of fast. I stopped playing in hopes of a patch to maybe refine the loot problem a bit. Maybe even an optimizer for equipping, though I realize gear strategy is an important element here. This is, however, just the type of game that gets patched often so maybe we’ll see an improvement there.


“Lootus fugit.” Nice.

I had sort of the same reaction to the naming scheme Quadro Delta came up with for their games. Because their previous game was Pixel Pirates, I assumed Pixel Privateers was the sequel or some kind of expandalone. It makes sense right? pirates and privateers go hand in hand. Imagine my surprise when I found out they had almost nothing to do with each other, and were in fact set in different eras of time.


I’m having fun with this and having run into the loot management issue yet, but it’s likely because I’m still fresh to the game. Like Tom mentions in the review, I can see how it could wear on you over time.

The game is surprisingly crunchy, given the name, presentation, etc.


I had no problem selling it myself, but maybe some of you are further in the game than me. I’ve certainly seen MUCH worse inventory systems in games, many games.

They also did lower the loot drop rate a few days after release.


I agree that the loot management is where it falls flat. I love the rest of the game, but having to page through tabs and tabs of crap is so annoying and time wasting.


I’ve really enjoyed this but I have kind of stalled after beating the second story boss on the “disturbing” difficulty level. One of the problems is that I gain a level for each character after each mission and then before you know it my epic, artifact and very very rare gold items start to fall behind all the green stuff that is dropping.

You can use the horadric cube thingie to combine old lower level loot to get it up to where you are but it doesn’t always give you that sweet item you had before and you run out of old rare loot quickly. You can try and replicate but the success chance and matter cost for artifact and even some epic loot is really prohibitive. And once you do that you still jump back onto the treadmill.

It’s a really tough design issue with this genre. I’m no expert but D3 does a nice thing where you hit level cap and then start the whole paragon system (which of course has its own perils) while hunting for the legendaries that you want for a particular build. I’ve read that the level cap is 100 in pixel privateers. I don’t mind loot chasing all the way there but I’d like a way to keep my already discovered little gems still precious.


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So much loot! More loot after every mission. Loot left over after the last mission. Loot I forgot I had. Panels and panels of colorful little icons, some green, some blue, some a couple of shades of purple, and some that eye-catching orange/yellow. [/quote]

Oh the loot pinatas… reminds me of what I said about Nioh the other day. Did you read the review I wrote in the Nioh topic by any chance, Tom?

To its defense, Nioh has multiple ways to sort equipment and “sell all items under this level or rarity” options. However, it makes things more complicated by giving three ways to dispose of items: for xp, for money or for crafting materials, of which there are two types (materials for crafting and materials for re-rolling item effects) AND even the lowliest item can have a very good inheritable property, which makes selling it a huge waste. Another plus for Nioh is that, in theory, you can upgrade a favored item all throughout the loot grind, but the truth of it is that it’s so expensive that’s it’s pretty much impossible.


I actually haven’t been in the Nioh thread, but that makes me want to fire it back up! I like what Nioh is trying to do and what you’re talking about is a great example.



I assumed this was going to be a review of the pirate game, but it turns out Privateers is a scifi sequel. Hm… that title could use some work.

“shows it[s] colors”
“an ideal a feedback loop”
“It gives you[r] party new powers.”


It is a companion thread for a review, of Pixel Privateers. The ridiculously tiny link is in the top post.