/PIZZA - the ultimate evolution of slash commands?


/PIZZA bitchez! Say it ain’t so!


And I don’t feel the slightest fucking bit guilty about posting it either - because some people can’t have descriptive thread titles.

How am I supposed to know that a thread titled “End of the world” contains a link to EQ2 /pizza?

That’s why you must painstakingly read each and every thread posted here, regardless of title. You never know what you’ll find within.

Really, you only have yourself to blame for your laziness.


I’m with IXAszurom on this one. I ignored the first thread on this topic for a while because I had no idea what it was about. Basic 'netiquite, y’all.

I’m sorry if you thought a link to the thread was an impugning of your character, ability, or both. It was not. It was a link to the thread with the comments that had been made already, so you could read them.

Yeah, far be it from you to impugn.


And nothing helps a thread along better than a little cross-pollinated nastiness.

I don’t mean to be bitter… I’ve just not had any niccotine for about 55 hours or so. With that in mind, I’d just like to say that I hate you all. Eat poop and die. And your little dog toto too.

72 hours they say. We’ll see.

Know what helps when quitting cigarettes? Lard. Six heaped tablespoons of it.

Tell me how it worked for you! :wink:

Ouch, I feel your pain. The first 5 days were the worst for me, after that I started feeling like a normal human being again.

Dude it was called “End of the World”, what the hell does it take to get you to read a thread? You’re not willing to spend 30 seconds clicking on a link to–potentially–information on the apocalypse and we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?

Pizza from a video game, though, now that’s important. I guess we all know where your priorities are :roll:

yeah, that’s the thing… I want to get back to where I can just feel normal again. For too many years it’s been the roller coaster ride of needing a smoke, how long can I go without one, planning my life’s schedule around the monkey on my back.

The shit just has to cease. I don’t care about the health issues, the social outcast issues, any of that shit. My primary issue with it is that I have no control over it and it makes me feel like complete hell any time I don’t nurse my addiction.

So, I spent the past two days curled up in bed with cold sweats and shivers and praying for death. I’m 100x better today because I just feel like shit.

I was checking out the articles over at whyquit.com and they keep referencing numbers like “Average of 6 cravings per day by 72 hours”. I call complete bullshit on that - how about complete show-stopping craving every 20 minutes? At least I’m pretty much over that part for the moment - unless they come back.

What will be awesome is if people complain about the mis-titled “end of the world” thread and then this “/PIZZA” thread turns into a discussion about quitting smoking. God I love the internet.

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do with it… might as well attention whore my misery rather than let Angie just usurp my aptly titled thread quietly.

[edit: PS - go kill yourself]

Guys, we only have about 5 billion years until the Sun explodes and the world ends. I’m just sayin’.

Jesus, you make it sound like kicking heroin. Find something to do to take your mind off it. Suck on a toothpick for the oral fixation, and have fun snapping off people’s heads because you’re allowed to when you quit smoking.

Pack a day for 15 years, quit cold turkey 5 years ago and after two weeks of sucking on a toothpick and being a total asshole I was fine. Haven’t even wanted one ever since.

Well, quite honestly for me the withdrawal has been that bad. I’m definitely feeling it ease up some now so I’ve got some light at the end of the tunnel. But yeah, there was a point there where I was almost hearing voices and shit.

Really, they should have a Betty Ford for smokers.

The eponymous “they” is correct in a sense, however, individual humans differ. Could be six hours. Could be sixty. Could be six hundred.

Speaking as an ex-dependent, I can assure you that it does go away. Just stick it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Some people say that kicking nicotine is harder than kicking heroin, but a friend of mine who has done both says they are about the same.