Place to buy UK Sony Playstation Gift Card from US

My son was living in the UK for he last four years and now is back in the US for a couple of months before maybe heading off to work in Finland. He has a Sony UK playstation account but we can’t seem to purchase any PSN gift cards on Amazon UK. It keeps telling us we are out of region even when we use his old apartment address in the UK.

Does anybody know of a safe and legit way to purchase UK PSN gift cards/codes from the US?

Thanks in advance.

Worse comes to worse and you could probably arrange something with PayPal and one of our European members.

I don’t recall who recommended this to me (probably someone I play with) but I purchased a game card from gamecarddelivery dot com about a year ago, gave the code to a friend, and he used it. Smooth experience overall.

On a football pitch in Finland?

Try as well, they sell regional keys. I’ve ordered from them many times before.

I would imagine the domestically focused retailers are less fussy about overseas orders (are you using a US credit card?). Try GAME, Tesco, Argos etc, assuming they either ship to the US or will just reveal the code. Or Paypal may get around the credit card issue.

Perfect. Thanks so much.

Maybe :), Don’t want to jinx it. It would be great though. I visited Finland in 2007 and it was a wonderful experience.