Places to buy games in downtown SF (not CompUSA)?

Just got my bonus at work, and of course I want to go right out and spend some on games :-)

So out I go from my office south of Market (right near Yerba Buena) to CompUSA. Fixin’ to get myself a copy of Psychonauts, yes sirree! Oh boy oh boy Tim Schafer weirdness oh boy…

No sir we don’t have that game. Might it be in the bargain bin over there?


Are there any other places in the downtown SF area that sell video games? Used to be a Software Etc but I think it closed. Or should I just suck it up and go to the Gamestop near home? (Haven’t been able to make it there yet… lunch hour is actually one of the most errand-friendly times of my day :-) )

Rob + your address

There’s an EB on Powell, in-between Ellis and O’Farrell (really close to the O’Farrell side).

Rock the hell on. Thanks. IT’S LUNCHTIME!!! :-D :-D :-D

Wow, your offices are suspiciously close to mine.

The EB on Powell was already mentioned. They have some games at that Virgin Megastore right nearby, too.

There’s not much else in this area of town. There used to be an EBX or something at the Embarcadero Center, but it’s gone now. There’s an EB way the hell up by Pier 39.

And of course, if it’s Playsation stuff, you can always go to the Metreon. Not for Physchonauts, though.

I really miss that EBX, those guys knew how to hook a brutha up. The EB on Powell is ok but the PC selection stinks, CompUSA is fine if you want a mainstream game at full price a few years after release. You would think there would be a huge demand for games here in the city, but I guess there’s no more room downtown what with the requisite 3 Starbucks per block…

No shit. They were awesome. Of course I was working for Psygnosis back then, and had armloads of Sony titles to trade in…

I ran into the guy who I knew there back in the day when he was just starting out. He’s now a district manager, and has been working at the Powell street store

The Powell Street store is good, but in the last year has become useless for PC games. The EBX in Embarcadero had a fantastic selection of new and used PC games dating back to the mid-90s. I was not happy when they closed.

Back before the exodus to LA, I generally would just drive down to Serramonte in Daly City and go to the EB and Gamestop there. There’s also the Best Buy south of Market on Division, which is usually reliable.