Plague Inc. EVOLVED

I was shocked to find out we have no thread for this game. Yeah it was in early access forever, but it did release its 1.0 just this past February. I usually dip my toe back in after every update. The game focuses on killing off the population of the world in interesting ways! And let me tell ya, these developers really know how to drain their customers with this latest FREE update.

I think they have been watching the last few seasons of The Strain. :)

I spent 2 hours with this today, just a fantastic update, along with accurate Presidential promises!

Templars vs Vampires!

The last human stronghold on earth is always gonna be the USA. But oh no! Who will save the remaining humans left?

Wait that’s not right. Dammit, Trump got turned! Hehe…

FYI , a blood wall is not a effective anti-vampire border protection.

Everyone who owns this really should find time to revisit this latest update. It is GREAT!

I keep meaning to go back to it, but other games get in the way.

Ooh, neat! I played the bejeezus out of PI on my phone three years ago or whatever, but I’ll scope this for sure - thanks for sharing!

FYI, their new game, Rebel Inc. is out on ios

I totally did not do this.

And it seems Rebel Inc is coming to Steam later this month, anyone try it on IOS?

Iirc, it’s more real-time, so I didn’t play long.

Yeah, I played a reasonable amount on iOS. It’s pretty fun, and seems to have more replayability than the Pandemic/Plague Inc games, though I didn’t play enough to get a real handle on the simulation. It may be a Chick parabola kind of situation.

Free scenario called FAKE NEWS added to Plague Inc.


8 years after release, Plague Inc has a new all time high player count, (over 15,000 players) due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus .

What do you do in this game? What types of strategic choices do you make?

You make a LOT of strategic choices.

Type of virus. Lethality. How it spreads. Where it starts. Mutations.

Its, a strange kind of game, but a lot of fun.

I’m not sure how differently you can play to win - right now I stealth my plague with no symptoms and low lethality and then once I infect everyone I ramp up lethality up and end the world.

Is there a different strategy? I’m curious what other play styles would support a win. Nothing else I’ve tried really works.

Its how I played as well. To be honest, its been a LONG while, but there are quite a few options as to the disease type - I dont really remember but I do think they act differently, and I do now that on higher difficulties, your disease will always be spotted, so you need other methods.

The TLDR version of a different strat, is to keep spending your points on mutations so that the science can never develop a cure. It is possible to go for a really lethal virus right off the bat, and just keep adding new things to it. There’s a trade off in the game for speed vs coverage vs detection. If you have something that’s going to get detected right away, it needs to be really hardcore etc.

The thing that usually catches me out on games where I try to go lethal early, is the lack of the virus spreading to …usually one place. I’ve lost a ton of games because I had 99% or so of the population wiped out, but one area just never got infected.

I usually start from one of those countries exactly because of this.

The infamous Greenland buttrot.

I hope the playerbase is not reduced to zero

Also in the news, ostrich sticks its head in the sand to avoid danger.