Plain Sight - Multiplayer Balletic Euphoric Robo-Ninjas

A quick search revealed nothing on here about this game bar a passing mention in the Bargain Thread. I think it deserves more.

Given that it’s ridonkulously cheap at the moment, and looks like a pretty bloody good time, I bought it. I can only assume many others will too. It would be nice to have people to play it and discuss it with. Like, say, you chaps and chapettes. Anyone else taken the plunge?

Going to pick this one up tonight, yes.

Its like giving it away really.

Indeed, for 2 bucks you can’t really go wrong. I’ll check it out a bit later.

For 2 bucks this is a total steal. It’s worth it just for the option to jump around gaping at the scenery.


I bought this back when it was released and played for a bit. Cool game, but a bit disorientating imo. When I tried playing it again a few weeks ago the servers were totally dead, so it’s a good time for this deal to bring this game back to life.

Yeah, I played it for a few nights back at release. I had a good time, but ultimately decided too much of the game is fighting with the world/ui/physics rather than fighting the other players.