Planescape question

OK, I am replaying this one, since I never really got past the Clerk Wards or so on my first play through. I am at about that point again. Anyway, I played as a thief until I got Annah because I needed those skills. This got me to about level 6 or so as a thief. Then I switched to mage, which is what I kind of prefer. But as a thief I got a bonus to my dex for “specializing”. Now, as a mage, I have not gotten the same bonus even though I raised several levels and got to level 8 now. Should I stick with mage from here on out? Will I start to get INT boosts? Is there any reason to keep switching to other classes, other than to do special tasks, spend proficiency points, etc.? Should I just level as a mage, in other words, from here on out? Note that I am NOT trying to min/max per se. But I just don’t want to get screwed over later in the game for making a “wrong” choice.

There are 2 boni you can get from your class, one at lvl 7 and one at lvl 12. You can only get both boni in a single class, so you won´t get a mage bonus. They aren´t that crucial, I think you get +3 intelligence and +1 wisdom total as a mage.

In addition those specializations enable you to buy special tatoos, which are pretty nifty, the lvl 12 mage tatoo doubles your lvl 1 and 2 spells.

If I remember right, you can get one bonus for two classes, but the combined bonus won’t be as good if you hit the benchmark levels with the same class.

Thief first class to level 7, get +1 dex.
Mage first class to level 7, get +1 int.

Theif to level 7 then mage to level 14, total +1 dex, +1 int.

Thief to level 14, total +3 dex, +1 str (or something like that)
Mage to level 14, total +3 int, +1 wis

Man, when is someone going to make a complete remake of this game in a real 3D engine? NWN would suit, wouldn’t it? isn’t responding for some reason, so here’s the cached google version:

There are two “hidden stats” maintained by the game:

- Lore gives you a chance to identify items without a spell. Increases as you level.

- Luck is a very powerful stat. You can get from 1 to 3 luck points. For each point of luck, you get a +1 to hit, +1 to damage, +1 to saving throw, and +1 HP from healing spells. Opponents get -1 to hit and -1 to damage. Plus you get a small bonus to thief skills, bashing, and weapon speed.

In addition to normal effects of stats, they do the following in Torment:

- High Strength allows for intimidation of some NPC's

- High Intelligence gives extra dialog options, helps regain memories and a bonus to lore

- High Wisdom gives experience bonus (starting at 13), extra dialog options, warnings of danger and luck bonuses (starting at 15)

- High Dexterity gives extra dialog options

- High Constitution allows you to regenerate faster

- High Charisma gives a discount in stores (starting at 16), extra dialog options, increases impact of certain lies and truths and improves certain rewards.

Most statistic checks in the game will succeed for a stat that is 13 or higher.

There are many ways to raise stats as the game progresses.

You can switch between fighter, mage or thief any time you can find someone to train you.

You get a +1 bonus to your primary stat for whichever class you reach 7th level in first.

If you make 12th level first in the same class you first made 7th level, you get the following “super bonus”:

- Fighter gets +1 STR, +1 CON, +3 max HP

- Thief gets +2 DEX, +1 Luck

- Mage gets +2 INT, +1 WIS, +5 Lore

(Internet archive version):

Hopefully, never. If I saw Planescape’s art butchered in a low-poly NWN conversion that would force me to hunt down and kill the mod artist responsible.

Hopefully, never. If I saw Planescape’s art butchered in a low-poly NWN conversion that would force me to hunt down and kill the mod artist responsible.[/quote]

Already in progress, and certainly not low-poly

Instead of remaking a perfectly playable old game why not create a new one of similar quality? I don’t get the whole remake craze.

it’s just a hobby, stusser. like restoring old cars.

I think they’re meant to be doing original Planescape stuff, not recreating Torment.

Which would be good, it’s an interesting setting.

But a 3D Torment would be like a colorized Casablanca.

Which would be good, it’s an interesting setting.

But a 3D Torment would be like a colorized Casablanca.[/quote]

You don’t understand – I like occasionally installing old games and playing them because they were just too good to forget. Like reading old books you liked.

The problem with Planescape is that I jump into the game and the first thing I think is: “Wow, how do I zoom out on this.” Everything’s blocky and indistinct. Sure, it runs extremely fast, but the graphics just kill it for me.

I just wish someone would come along and layer that same game play over a 3D engine. Expanding it after that fact is fine, I just want to go back and really enjoy it.

I completely agree. I never played Torment and have heard endless praise for the game. Everytime I’ve loaded it up, I feel like I’m playing Adventure for the Atari 2600, and just can’t play more than 10 minutes. I’d love to see an NWN, or any modern engine, remake.

Part of me wishes there was a way to play it in a higher resolution, like the way bgtutu converts the first baldur’s gate. Other than that, I’d take the original over a 3d remake myself.

I’ve never understood all the sprite hate. There’s lots of great examples of 2D artistry, Planescape being just one of them.

And, seriously, this equals this?

Yeah, I dunno, PS Torment came out in 1999, that just doesn’t seem that ancient to me. I guess it would be nice if someone could mod it to display at a higher resolution though.

I’ve still never won the damn thing. First run-through I got stuck in Curst with a 5 person party (had forgotten to recruit that angel chick) and couldn’t fight my way through. Later I tried again, got Mazed, was unable to solve the puzzle and lost interest, then my hard drive exploded and i lost the save games.

Someday I’ll run through it yet again.

I thought it was a beautiful game. My only issue was wishing I could see longer distances. Ranged weapons were worthless in that game.

I’d prefer ports to portables. DS or pocketpc or psp would make the blockyness way less noticable.

DOS emulation on PPC helped me play the Worlds of Ultima games without the graphics bothering me at all.

You couldn’t win a game that let you survive your main character’s death?

Okay, you’re officially pathetic. :P

Hey, just cause you can keep resurrecting doesn’t mean you can wade through all those demons in Curst with a 5-man party. At least I couldn’t… :?