Planescape: Torment mods?

I’ve been thinking about replaying PS:T and was wondering if there are any must-have mods out there. I’d love to find something like Exult or Tutu for PS:T – or at least something that lets me up the screen resolution a bit.

People modded PS:T? That would be like…like…painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

EDIT: That’s not the only thing it’s like, apparently.

Hah, I remember that image. Unless I’m mistaken, that picture came straight from the developer as a holiday promo bonus.

I love PS:T. I’ve never heard of any mods for it at all. Please linky.

Slashdot linked to Planescape: Vengenance recently. But, it’s still a work in progress and they don’t have anything to download yet. It’s the only PS:T mod I’ve ever heard of, though.

Ideally I’d like a mod to let me run it in a window.

That’s a bit of an understatement. Their screenshots show concept art, a single custom spell, and a new title screen. Sounds like they’re at the testing-the-waters-of-modding stage.

EDIT: Okay, three custom spells.

There used to be some minor modifications floating around… different voices for that Tiefling chick, and modified appearances for Mort and the chick. They were just cosmetic changes though… nothing fundamental. As for where you could get them now… I have no idea.

Check out Platter’s fan-patch. It isn’t a “mod” as such but does an amazing number of things, like re-enable missing dialogue, options and items that are in the data files but weren’t used in the final game. Well worth a look.

Sorry, maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but it seems like according to that site, you can just look at the stuff left out with a separate program, there’s no patch to actually add it back in the game (like the candle quest, etc.) Am I right? I know that big patch with all the details painstakingly laid out adds and refines the dialogue, but it seemed like different things to me.

Also, does anyone if it gets rid of the money exploit, where you could buy and sell that book (I think it was the evil book, I’m not sure, its been a while), using that one shop I think in the lower ward that supposed to be the amateur sellers so you can something like 3,000 G over and over again? I used to love using that to play what a version of Torment I called the Raku Raku Tour Torment, or Really Easy Smell the Roses. ;)

I’m happy it fixed with some of the problems with Nordom, I kept on feeling like there was something missing when I talked to him. :P

Man, this makes me want to play through Torment AGAIN. (This would be like number four, if I did.)

I miss the Infinity Engine. Good enough to look quite nice and offered really solid gameplay possibilities. I could have taken games made in it for a lot more years…


You lightweight. :P

Ha, you think you’re hardcore! Get back to me when you use Infinity Explorer to check every possible dialog tree.

In Torment :shock: Isn’t that like reading three novel-sized choose your adventure books at the same time?

Something like that. A while ago there was a guy that made hardcover books out of the Torment dialogue, and it was pretty hefty.

There was a download at the top of the page called “Fix” that had all the data files. I think you just copy these into your game directory and it enables the missing stuff.

Direct link

That is the Fix Pack, for fixing bugs the official patch did not fix. It doesn’t re-enable any dialog except only for those that were missing/cut short due to bugs. It doesn’t have anything to do with this. The Fix Pack is only for fixing bugs.

Ah, apologies. I remembered something about missing stuff and mixed it up. Still - obviously worth installing.

Somebody needs to fix this ala BG2’s Unfinished Buisness. NOW!