Planescape Torment problems

I’ve heard this is a great game and I never did play it. I just got my dad’s copy and was goning to give it a try but it’s returning all kinds of errors. Anyone please have any suggestions on how to run it on an XP machine with an Nvidia 4200 Ti video card?

I know old games and new machines can conflict but this game being so popular I was hoping someone had it solved already.

I tried running it in compatibility mode and toggling the software rendering options in-game but the game is jerky and sometimes freezes up.

It ought to run just fine (well, as fine as it can, there are slowdowns associated with lots of monsters on-screen that can’t be fixed) on XP, mine does, and it’s from the game’s first printing. Install this patch, which should fix your major problems. For additional help, go pal around with the crazies on or - their forums ought to have some helpful info.

“My dad’s copy.” Ugh.

Now, where did I put that Geritol? Damn these trifocals.

The infinity engine can be jerky on certain video cards. This happened to me with the geforce3ti500 while playing BG2 in XP. Adding RAM helps, but not a lot. The problem was with the vid card. When I switched it to ATI it worked. BTW, I am now using a geforce6600GT, and Planescape is smooth.

Works fine with my ATI card; I played it yesterday.

If you eventually make it work, and have anough space on your HD, its possible to copy discs 2 - 4 on it and save you freaquent disc swaps.

Yeah, I had already installed the patch. Maybe it’s the nvidia card. I also get save game errors as well. Ex - i can’t load a game I saved. Gives me an error. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling. I can try it on a different computer here but unfortunately it’s an invidia card as well. Thanks for the suggestions.

It ain’t the vid card per se (as said, it might be the drivers). My old rig had a 4200Ti in it, and it ran fine.

Do you have the 2-disc version? If so, do not install the patch. It already has it, but people have reported problems when they patch the 2-disc version. If you do have the 4-disc version, perhaps the unofficial fixpack will help (but I doubt it).

Here is how to avoid disk swapping:

If you go to your torment install directory (for example c:\program files\black isle orment) there is a file there called torment.ini. If you open that with a text editor, there are five paths at the top of the file to the different locations for the files the game needs. If you copy the content of the CDs to your harddrive and change these paths to where you copied the files to, the CDs won’t be needed.

Also, while you’re in your Torment.ini, make sure that it says

C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Planescape - Torment


C:\ProgramFiles\Black Isle\Planescape - Tor

or anything else.

Last, try emptying Torment’s cache and temp folders.