Planet Coaster - Rollercoaster Tycoon with Frontier Development


Same with me too. I don’t feel the urge to play it. And I only played the first scenario. I just didn’t feel as connected with the park and people. It’s a shame as it’s beautiful.


Oh God yes this. I switched to Parkitect. Far more fun.


I am still kind of enjoying this game, but last night I ran into a surprising number of bugs. The collision logic seems complete off from the visual in some cases, like star cases gusts can’t walk down for no apparent reason, a ride blocking a que even though the two completed independently.

I created so many blue prints, just so I can drop down a cheap toilet, a burger stand or gulpee. I mean, I really like the 5k fantasy castle drink stands, but they’re pretty impractical outside of sandbox, no matter how pretty they are. I am super annoyed that the blue prints easily mix and match themes but they don’t really tell you which one, so it’s kind of a crapshot to open them in career mode… which means I spend another hour creating another one from scratch using the themes I do have.

I love the music though, very visually appealing too.


So no shuttle mode on the transports, and I think there are only three of them. Tunneling for paths is kind of a pain and it feels like a number of the Career scenarios are designed in a way where you are supposed to do certain things in a certain place in order to succeed. The collision checks are definitely off from what you visually see which presents as a bug even though I know what it is.

I still enjoy the game, but it does feel like it’s a step back in several areas from where RCT3 left off even if it is a leap forward in terms of appearance.


So this is on sale for $12. The sentiment here seems pretty “meh.” Is it worth $12?


Do you like building theme parks? Do you like adjusting and modeling rollercoasters? Like, a lot? Then $12 is definitely worth it. The game is probably the best amusement park freeform sandbox ever.

If you’re looking for business stuff, more on the “tycoon” side, then maybe not.


It’s not a good tycoon game but look on YouTube for some fantastic park creations. I have plenty of tycoon games so I’m quite happy with it.


I was a big fan of RCT 1 and 2 but never got into 3 and it’s been a long time since I played them. I guess I’ll hold off for now. I’m sure it will go on sale again soon.


It’s worth $12.


I paid about 11. I get frustrated sometimes (there’s some messed up pathing), and surprising short-coming but there is fun to be had.


“Studios Pack” DLC announced. $10.99 on March 27th. Rides, scenery bits, etc all based on a Universal Tours style theme.

Everyone will get a free update around then that adds hotels for guests, underground pathing, and player triggered day/night.


This game needs some major managerial content. It’s kinda boring if you don’t like constructing stuff from scratch as there’s no challenge to the game. Not sure if the upcoming patch addresses that at all.



Reddit really likes the new Studios pack… May have to give this a shot. I skip the adventure one, but I’m almost in the mood to build a new park…


Did it add any managey type stuff? or more pre-made scenarios?


Vintage Pack announced. Old-timey theme park bits and scenery. The free update that comes at the same time will include self-serve vending machines, a Mouse Hunt coaster, and the ability to set up groups of stuff in the editor.


Wish they’d add more management and deeper sim elements.


Anyone know if they do visual culling? I’d like to get my scenery ratings up, but not kill my game performance due to so many items being posted. I could do a small group of static items that lie on top of each other, like 80 rocks you can’t see covered with nice foliage you can. But it if it’s going to render 80 rocks it kinda nullifies the point.


Their approach to scenery reminds me of Office Space flare, and I hate it. Not sure about the visual culling/ rendering though.


Been playing this a lot lately as it’s a “summery” type of game.

Actually surprised myself for once. While I still build crappy (jerky) coasters, I have figured out how to build structures nicely. I don’t know why things suddenly clicked. Just wish I had a Cray supercomputer so I could load up my parks with max rides, scenery, and 10k people.