Planet Coaster - Rollercoaster Tycoon with Frontier Development

Thanks for the info! I think my kids will have a blast. We are really enjoying Planet Zoo and they’re learning quite a bit.

The heck is this?

Hayo Coaster Friends!

Today we’re introducing a new way to experience all the paid content Planet Coaster has to offer - the Planet Coaster: Subscription Pass. This will introduce an additional path to play and enjoy the content available for Planet Coaster, by providing every amazing paid DLC in one subscription.

The Planet Coaster: Subscription Pass is available on Steam for PC players who own the Planet Coaster base game, and is a monthly subscription from £3.99/$4.99/€4.99. The full list of the content included is as follows:

  • Classic Rides Collection
  • Magnificent Rides Collection
  • World’s Fair Pack
  • Vintage Pack
  • Studios Pack
  • Adventure Pack
  • Spooky Pack
  • Ghostbusters™
  • Knight Rider™ K.I.T.T. Construction Kit
  • Back to the Future™ Time Machine Construction Kit
  • The Munsters® Munster Koach Construction Kit

A monthly sub for access to DLC? WTF.

Paradox started doing it so why not I guess?

I think Frontier is desperate for cash. I’m pretty sure F1 didn’t do well, Odyssey didn’t do as well as they hoped, have no clue how well Jurassic World did for them.

Half the DLC is awful.

Frontier just bought another studio. I don’t think they’re hurting for cash.

Wow. Who did they buy? They say what they’re working on?

Complex Games, the guys who made Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunters.