Planet Coaster's next real ride is a double launch of thrills

			    Planet Coaster’s next real ride is a double launch of thrills
			      Nick Diamon, April 8, 2019
			         | News              

Frontier Developments has partnered with another amusement park to give players a recreation of a real roller coaster. Thanks to a deal with North Carolina’s Carowinds park, the next update for Planet Coaster will have Copperhead Strike added to the game for free. Copperhead Strike debuted in March of this year, and is the state’s first “double-launched” coaster, meaning it has a second powered launch midway through the ride, allowing for longer, more gravity-defying stunts. If this rendition is as good as the previous Steel Vengeance recreation Planet Coaster gave players, then virtual coaster enthusiasts will be getting a real treat. Plus, it’s nice to see some of the less famous amusement parks getting exposure.
Copperhead Strike will come to Planet Coaster on April 16th, along with the release of the Classic Rides DLC.


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Would be nice if they added a more management focused stuff to give the game some challenge.


I feel like this is a subtle hint to get me to go to Carowinds since it’s about 35 minutes away. I haven’t been there in years though.

Cool to see Planet Coaster pick this up though.


I’d settle for some bug fixes, like why I have to destroy and rebuild paths that people just get… stuck on.