Planet Earth starts Sunday

Discovery is running the full 11-part “Planet Earth” starting Sunday, 8pm. Kicking off with the first three episodes back-to-back.

The first episode, which they previewed a month or so ago, was pretty stunning, particularly in HD. Recommended!

Having started the BBC version of the thread, I can’t praise this show highly enough. Absolutely fantastic footage, narration (well, I dunno about the Discovery version since its different), direction, audio, production–everything. The “Planet Earth Diaries” (which I’m not sure they’ll be showing) are just as good, interesting, and sometimes pretty funny. The only downside is that occasionally they’ll re-use shots and locations but it’s very brief and usually doesn’t happen too often (mostly taken from the first episode, which is kind of an overview episode).

Finally, this is one of the great HD showcases that makes all that money you spent all worth it. Really.

There are some pretty graphic scenes, which may be troubling to some - the Lion-Elephant night battle in “Plains”, the tired polar bear taking on the walruses in “Ice Worlds”, or the Chimpanzee attack in “Jungles” (which starts out pretty cool, right up until they get to the part with the baby) - and I’m not sure if it’s entirely appropriate for young children in those stages. I believe reading an article that interviewed some TDC folks (maybe for Wired) that they said they’ll provide warnings during commercials before that stuff happens.

But, being a BBC nature show, there’s always going to be portrayals of the hunted vs. the hunters. Oft-times the hunters win.

— Alan

Fantastic! I can’t wait!!

The most breathtaking series EVAR.

Added to Tivo, I am really looking forward to this.

There’s an unfortunate problem with watching this series on Discovery Channel:

It all built up to this, Planet Earth’s money shot: Ducks falling out of trees and bouncing on the ground. My roommate and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

That is a pretty good shot admittedly.

— Alan

Ths is one of the greatest TV series of all time. Every time I watch, there are always 2 or 3 shots or moments that I am amazed by. This planet is amazing.

Oh, and I really like the part at the end where they show the process behind getting one of the shots.

This series is one of the few reasons to invest in HD DVD/Blu-Ray.

Damn, I turned it on last night at 7 just flipping by and saw a sweet shot, and the TV stayed on until 10. I couldn’t pull myself away from it. I kept saying, “Until the next commercial break, and then I’ll be done.” Nope. Just beautiful, amazing and incredible. About the only thing I got tired of was the narrator saying “This is the first time this has ever been filmed in the wild!!!” over and over.

I wish I had an HDTV even more now. I can only imagine the beauty of this in HD.

Money shots?

The great white throwing himself out of the water to get the sea lion, all done with a high speed camera. Damn!

The 300 foot high pile of bat guano.

The incredible snow lepoards.

This show is glorious and depressing at the same time. The one on the oceans in particular. Life is basically a constant search for food. I have never wanted to become a vegetarian until now.

Incredible show, best nature series ever.

Of course, I keep expecting the narrator to look at the wild and say things like:

“I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage!”


"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. "

I’ve decided to ditch Discovery for the last few episodes and Netflix the Blu-ray discs instead. Primarily because I’d rather have the Attenborough narration than the Sigourney stuff that has been annoying throughout.

Can anyone tell me if they’re reading off the same script? It seems to me like the Weaver narration is a bit dumbed-down from the kind of thing you’d normally expect from Attenborough. And yeah, the whole “this is the FIRST TIME this has ever been filmed, it was REALLY HARD to do” gets old very quickly and takes me out of the show. Please tell me Attenborough doesn’t do that.

But yeah, the footage is just mind-boggling. I expect this to be new HD demonstration standard.

Thank you for posting that. The writing has been bad enough at times that it’s distracting. The self promotion and dumbed down feel is a big part of it. There are also odd verbal echos where the same word appears twice in a sentence as if the writer lost his or her thesaurus.

'Still an amazing series but yeah, it’s a bummer to have such amazing work pulled down by poor writing.

This is depressing:

Didn’t they just showcase the Amur leopard in Planet Earth Ep 10: Seasonal Forests?

As I mentioned in the “Suggest an HDTV for me” thread, this television show is the first thing that has made me actually consider converting to HD. I saw the show in a hotel that had a decent HD television set, and I was stunned.

I’d love to watch it again, but I’m afraid to on my crappier tv. And the idea of of switching sets (after shopping and finding one, of course), and programming, and buying a new TiVo is still so daunting.

Great show, though. At least what I saw of it.


Surprised that none of you recognized Sigourney Weaver’s voice. It’s the writing of the script sometimes that I have more of a problem with than the actual reading of it, as she is a good narrator.