Planet Earth starts Sunday

??? Did…you…completely miss all the ALIENS quotes? I did not THINK I was THAT subtle…

Also, Whitta mentioned her by name… twice. But nobody reads Whitta’s posts.

We have learned.

Surprised that none of you recognized Sigourney Weaver’s voice.

Well, she’s credited at the end of each show in big letters so it isn’t like it was a mystery.

Ditto. This is the series that did it for me, too.

According to the ever reliable wikipedia, the BBC released version (On HDDVD and Blu-Ray as well, and out on Teusday) will have the original narrator and the Discover released versions will have “Ripley” doing it.

Guess I know which version I’ll get. I was also dissapointed to hear that there were edits and such for the US version “in the interest of time and content”.

My understanding that there was only one version being released here in the US and that it had a choice of narrators on different audio tracks. Can we get some clarification here?

According to this Amazon entry ( the DVD set (for Region 1) contains the BBC Attenborough v/o and the footage cut out of the US version. The Blue Ray version says the same.

Have been saying for awhile this is the showcase for HDTV.

Yeah an Amur mother and cub I believe were just featured (briefly seen in the first episode as well).

— Alan

Amazon is back-ordered on the Blu-ray version until May… anyone got any hints for where this can be purchased off the shelf or online right now?

EDIT: Never mind, I grabbed it from, they have a good deal on it right now.

By the way, it’s not like US imports to the UK or EU don’t get new voiceovers either; I’ve heard the one for Deadliest Catch and it’s terrible.

— Alan

I’m having a bitch of a time finding this available anywhere in the SF Bay Area… anyone got any hints for where it might be found?

Nope, but wouldn’t it be funny if Sigourney Weaver started narrating your search for it and kept pointing out over and over again how difficult it was for you to finally find it? Nope? Oh well, sorry then.

Seriously, if you have an HD player you owe it to yourself to get this, it really is mind-boggling. Particularly if you have a PS3, you will finally feel good about owning one. And that’s saying something.

Can we get a separate forum for pictures of Gary and things he bought?

I wonder if it’d be similar to his links…

— Alan

Does he even live up to that reputation any more? I can’t remember any objectionable links recently, but maybe I just tune it out.

Who cares, it’s still fun.

Nice work!

Grrr. Got my HD-DVDs from Amazon, popped one in started to watch an episode only to have it hang towards the end, consistently at the same timestamp. Checked the disk, scratched. Checked the disks I haven’t watched yet and two others are scratched as well, blah. On the plus side, the Amazon replacement process looks like it’s going to be super straight forward.

Amazing show. Got my HD DVD copy earlier today (coincidentally right after the 360 HD DVD update), and it’s absolutely stunning. I watched it previously when it aired in SD, but watching it again in HD is just pure bliss. Even if the HD DVD format dies, I would now have no reason to regret buying the HD DVD player.